1. veekay's Avatar
    Has anyone figured out a good way to still get text messages when sent to the [email protected] address? I'm not looking to get pictures messages, just the basic text. I know in gmail you can send a message to the 10 digit number @tmomail.net and it will send a text message perfectly, but it won't forward them correctly.

    The only solution I had found so far was having my tmomail address forwarded to yahoo since their cell phone alerts actually work, but they don't display the whole message.

    I know the swirly program is supposed to allow recieving of MMS soon, but I wasn't sure if even Tmobiles normal text messages were considered MMS instead of SMS messages.

    Ideas? I have alerts for work that were always send to my tmomail address as a text message to avoid the actual SMS fees, but now that is broken.
    2008-02-06 07:25 PM