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  1. Jυsтιи's Avatar
    I have 2.0.1 FW with T-Mobile Total Internet, but I can't seem to get the internet up and running.

    I changed the APN to, but do I need to download anything from cydia? If not, what other steps do I need to take?
    2008-08-25 11:45 PM
  2. jova007's Avatar
    We (3 of my friends) are on 2.0.1fw with Tzones hack installed through Cydia.. and we all use ...

    No Log/No Pass

    Turn off Iphone/ Turn on.. it should work...

    Also.. we dont have Total internet package... we only have the $5.99 Tmobile Internet plan..
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    2008-08-26 09:01 PM
  3. cartman13's Avatar
    you do not need a tzones hack for total internet.

    You apn is correct for. you might want to try to turn data roaming on?

    I've never had to manually change that and i'm not even sure it will make a difference.

    Are you sure your total internet package is active? (can take 24 hours or so if doen online). Also, shut your phone off completely for a couple minutes than reboot it.
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    2008-08-26 10:14 PM
  4. BarcaMagic's Avatar
    cartman is right you dont need t-zones hack on total internet plan .just type in APN setting , and reboot iphone .
    if it still dont work i would call tmobile , im sure theyll help you ;;
    2008-08-26 11:36 PM

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