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    I really need to know this since I might be thinking of selling ipod touch to get the iphone, I have a t-mobile fav 5 plan with my family and I am wondering if the iPhone would recognize the fav 5 I chosen. I talk to a rep already and she told me it wouldn;t be compatible that the iphone might have trouble recognizing the fav 5 but I want to make sure she wasn't lying just to make me not buy an iphone. Can any iphone owner with a similar paln tell me if its true?

    thank you
    2008-02-21 08:59 AM
  2. iancdp's Avatar
    That is not true just do not tell them what phone you have you will not see the cool little icons but u can change them online whenever u desire but in youre case since you already have it all you have to do is pop in the sim card i had a unlocked razr and i used it and now i have an iphone and im still on the myfaves plan
    2008-02-21 09:16 AM
  3. wireless288's Avatar
    yup, iphone is 100% working on myfav plan, just change the number online.
    2008-02-21 09:48 AM
  4. mariotheotaku's Avatar
    What number should I change? the fav 5?, I have the razor 2 v8 so it should work, right?
    2008-02-22 10:27 PM
  5. dicksharard's Avatar
    My experience with MyFavs was great at first with the iphone. Then I got a text saying my favs had been refreshed. I did not refresh them online. Somehow, they refreshed themselves and calls that I was making to people I thought were in my favs, were not, and I got billed. That's when I changed plans. If there is someway to safeguard the 5 from not messing around, I'd love to know how. I'd love to get back to that plan.
    Everyday is a New Day...
    2008-02-25 11:42 PM
  6. soulthoughts's Avatar
    My Favs should work on any phone. The only thing that won't work is the little software interface that comes with My Favs compatible phone. I've used My Favs on nothing but unlocked phones and never had a problem.

    Like someone mentioned already, whenever I want to change someone in my 5 I just do it online.
    2008-02-26 01:44 AM
  7. msriotdoll's Avatar
    i called tmobile about this and they said that it would work on the iphone.
    the only difference is you don't have the myfavs app on the phone.
    you would have to go to profile on the website and refresh or add people to your myfavs
    2008-02-26 04:08 AM
  8. mariotheotaku's Avatar
    thanks for the replies guys, i just have a couple of questions. what is the best way to unlock and jailbreak the iphone? is it zipphone? also is there a way i can buy an iphone without the at&t plan and later unlock it? like on apple.com? lastly can i still use the features like #NUM# to find my number for example?
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    2008-02-26 07:00 AM
  9. Ellimist's Avatar
    also is there a way i can buy an iphone without the at&t plan and later unlock it? like on apple.com?
    Yes, practically anyway you acquire an iPhone you dont have to get a contract before purchase. That is done when you "activate" the phone, through iTunes. So you can buy an iPhone at apple.com or even an at&t/apple store and not have to worry about getting a contract.
    2008-02-26 05:14 PM
  10. dicksharard's Avatar
    This is really the wrong thread to be posting in, but yes....ziphone is the best. You can go to the store today, buy the iphone, come home, hook it up, run the programs and 2.5 minutes later, you are ready to put your tmobile sim in, and use the phone. Also you'll gety 3rd party apps. It's that simple.
    Everyday is a New Day...
    2008-02-26 05:17 PM
  11. fijidaddy's Avatar
    just put thew people in your my favs, in your favorites on your iphone...
    2008-02-28 12:07 AM
  12. just10dagr8's Avatar
    I have had no issues with the My Favs. all I did was setup the names and numbers on the website then I got a text saying the changes have taken effect.
    2008-03-04 11:00 PM