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  1. valgrom's Avatar
    I've already done some cursory searching, but before I go deep into a forum search and do anything to my phone I have a question to make sure I'm on the right track.

    I have a First Gen iphone 8GB using firmware 1.1.3 and TZones hack.

    I've been able to get EDGE connectivity just fine for the past 6+ months and this morning it just stopped working. The message was basically "You are not subscribed to EDGE" (which I've seen quite a bit in my searches).

    I called Tmobile and asked if my Tzones was still in effect (the 5.99 plan) and the first thing they did was tell me that since I had an iphone (I never told them I had an iphone) that I would have to upgrade to the 19.99 a month plan.

    I told them that it was working just fine on the 5.99 plan (thank you) and that I would not upgrade.

    So my question is, is this something that I can fix by upgrading and jailbraking the v2.0 firmware? Or is Tmobile disabling EDGE on all non 19.99 a month plan iphones?

    Anyone currently using the 5.99 plan on their 1.1.3+ firmware version iphone please chime in...I'd like to know if I'm going to be able to fix this by upgrading before I start messing with it.

    2008-09-04 06:10 PM
  2. BoisePunk22's Avatar
    I use the T-Zones hack with my iPhone, I had the same problem if you wanna keep 1.1.3 firmware just go into the settings and find APN, it should look this
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    Password (leave blank)
    2008-09-05 05:02 AM
  3. valgrom's Avatar
    Thanks Punk....After I read your reply I figured it MUST have been something I did that messed it up so I did some reading and found everything I needed to upgrade/unlock the 2.0.1 software.

    I got the Tzones 2.0 and everything is back to normal now.

    I hate ALL cellular companies. I'm thinking of starting a cellular provider called "FUATTMOBILEVERIZON"

    Thanks to all the folks on the boards for the great write ups that helped me get back on track.

    2008-09-06 05:23 AM