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    All I have to say is I give a great thanks to tmobile or luck! I posted earlier that I signed up for flexpay and tzones and installed the hack. When I first installed it I got only 40-50k but I was happy being that I could get my email and surf most web pages even if a little slow. Well then I upgraded my firmware this last Saturday to 2.0.2 and for some reason I sarted getting 70-80 and at times 100. I was even more happier. Now what I did notice was a big pause.

    Well then I went to the total internet package to check it out and see for myself what the contrevery in speed was all about. I was happy with 70-80 but figured I would see what my personal experience would be. So I upgraded last night and wow. Now I get 150-180 and have even hit 200 once. Also, there is no pause when loading pages. Not to mention I can stream pandora and youtube without any issues whatsoever. Not to mention I didn't realize I get the t-mobile hotspots for free (I go to Starbucks alot and also travel alot and can use the hotspots). Sorry, but I'm sticking with the full plan. It won me over. I was happy with the t-zones hack but once I went full I won't go back.

    This is just my personal experience and I realize that the tzones hack is just perfect for some and I was even happy with it for the price, but I must say the 15 bucks is worth it for me. I see so many posts that say the full plan is a waste of money. I think that is a personal opinion but I can see a market for both those who would rather save an extra few bucks and put up with the limitations and those of us who like the full power.

    There is definately a difference between the two. Yes everybody says edge is edge and yes I agree but the falicy with that statement is that with the tzones hack you use a proxy. Any type of proxy can slow you down. Now I do see that some do get good speeds with the tzones hack but remember it is all based on network traffic, signal and the proxy. Many people just think it has to do with signal. I guess it's just a matter of how much you want to sacrifice or not sacrifice. If you are one of those lucky enough to get good speed, more power to you, but hey for the price of a good dinner, I can sacrifice and pay an extra 15 bucks for service I believe is worth it.
    2008-09-04 11:02 PM
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    did u have to install any different hack for the full plan to work.
    2008-09-05 04:15 AM
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    did u have to install any different hack for the full plan to work.
    As long as you enter the WPN, there is no hack needed. All the hack was, was basically turning t-zones (a crappy not real internet plan meant for downloaiding t-mobile branded junk like wallpapers and ringtones) into "real" internet. With the actual internet package nothing needs to be done (other than the vpn) It just works!
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    2008-09-05 05:00 AM
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    I am really thinking about going with the total internet now. Did you uninstall the T-Zone hack first and where do you get the VPN from? Thanks
    2008-09-05 05:21 AM
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    I did uninstall the hack but I tried it with the hack and it worked. It was slower though. Once I uninstalled the hack I worked perfect. The VPN that they talk about is that you need to go in to you APN settings under General -> Network -> APN and set that to internet2.voicestream.com or internet3.voicestream.com
    2008-09-05 11:30 PM