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    i got an Iphone 3G from ATT working on T-mobile network, i signed up the T-mobile 19.99 total internet package. configured it as internet2.voicestream.com, and turn on data roaming. Everything works fine, got stock, push mail from yahoo, internet and youtube, even GPS location works too. Now my question is that i want to save more money, want to use the 5.99 t-zone plan instead of the 19.99 plan, but everything should still works too. i dont want to mod the iphone by putting some files on it. but just some configuration? i know that no 3G speed on T-mobile, but EDGE only, i tested the speed, it was only at 59kbps. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

    P.S. i have the roaming data setting set to ON, does that mean im roaming on ATT's EDGE network or just on T-Mobile's EDGE? that's the only way i got get the internet working on my IPHONE 3G. Thanks!
    2008-09-05 04:50 AM
  2. theevilone's Avatar
    It's better to keep the Total Internet the $5.99 you will have limited internet.

    By moving to Tmo you are already saving money.

    Att and Tmo 3g are different radio frequencys so you will never have 3g on the iphone on Tmo.
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    2008-09-05 05:16 AM
  3. BoisePunk22's Avatar
    There is 3G for T-Mobile its just only in a couple states though (New York, Texas, and a couple others). So I would think eventually there would be 3G for T-Mobile all over the United States. And no your not roaming on ATT tower for EDGE, you are using the T-Mobile tower for EDGE.

    If you dont mind me asking how did you get the 3G iPhone unlocked?!
    2008-09-05 05:48 AM
  4. soloyo's Avatar
    What software do I use to unlock a 16g 3g for tmobile
    2008-09-05 07:09 AM
  5. iphonerooky's Avatar
    no software can unlock Iphone 3G now, i use the Gerey-3G unlock sim that got it from ebay to make it work on T-Mobile network, the one i got is better than others that it wont loose signals and no cutting required, and it wont void your Iphone warranty neither.
    2008-09-05 07:21 AM
  6. KMorg's Avatar
    How long does it take to ship to you? And could you send me a personal message about what the site is? I've been looking at turbo sim the "3g special one" and it takes like 2 weeks to get here. I want it in about 2-3 days and I don't mind paying extra. Please let me know.
    2008-09-05 08:15 AM
  7. fokized's Avatar
    Does anybody have an answer to this question? I also have an unlocked 3G iPhone with t-zones ( with the t-zones hack by Big Boss ) but my t-zones does not work.. if you are asking a question whether it works or not the answer is no.. at least not for me.. I am not sure how to go about this situation any input is appreciated. Thanks!
    2008-09-10 11:41 PM
  8. sshheenn22's Avatar
    I got 3G iphone changing from At&T to use T-mobile. By using smar+phone sim to unblocked it. But I can not used the T-zone. Anyone know how to solve it? Or should I change back to At&T?
    I had extra unblocked sim card.

    Please email me [email protected]
    2008-09-29 05:02 AM
  9. robertguero's Avatar
    I know this is kind of old but have been reading about the T-Zones hack. Wife has Moto V3 with t-zones for years. Just pop her SIM out and into 3G iPhone using Gevey turboSIM and set APN to wap.voicestream.com and let it set for about 10 minutes and it works just fine. Tried the epc.t-mo....and it did not work, but maybe I did not wait long enough. But have not done anything else to phone. Just jailbroke and from Cydia downloaded BossPrefs, SwirleyMMS2, dTunes and Cycorder....but none of these have anything to do with the T-Zone thing.

    Also I was roaming at the time. But looks like as they say, YouTube will not work....well it will pull up pics and descriptions for videos but will not show vids. Says "YouTube requires a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection".
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    2009-05-25 09:57 AM
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