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View Poll Results: Did you restart your iPhone after the SunCom -----> T-Mobile merger?

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  • Yes I did; wish I hadn't though

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  • Yes I did; had no problems thus far

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  • No I didn't; too afriad

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  • No I didn't; don't see the point

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  1. SunPhone's Avatar
    Hi all! I'm sure that everyone is aware that T-Mobile has purchased SunCom . . . Well, when I woke up Sat. my service no longer SunCom, but T-Mobile and there was a text message from T-Mobile stating that my phone settings have been updated and to please power my phone off and back on again. Does anyone recommend this since I have been with SunCom up until now running iPhone 1.1.4 unlocked and jailbroken with no problems? I don't want to restart and find out that my edge no longer works or their "phone setting updates" break my phone. Any suggestions and/or feedback?? All is greatly appreciated!!

    -skeptical and frantic
    2008-09-08 05:36 PM
  2. freakoftheindustry's Avatar
    Restart then download the tzones hack and restart again.
    2008-09-08 07:53 PM
  3. fmrabnmp's Avatar
    I did mine and have had no issues. I'm running a gen 1 iphone unlocked and jailbroken on 2.0.1. I don't have the internet plan so I can't advise on EDGE issues. God, I hope the service is better than Suncom...
    2008-09-09 07:32 AM
  4. james7bond's Avatar
    My iPhone won't work with the T-Zones hack, yet my daughters will.

    My daughter and I both have 2G iPhones ( 2.0.1 firmware,unlocked and jailbroken)and

    we're both subscribed to the $5.99 T-Zones plan from T-Mobile.

    We used to be Suncom customers, until T-Mobile took over about 3 weeks ago

    Her's just starting working WITHOUT the TZones hack v.2.0 being installed and has no info in the APN field. I've tried all permutations with mine - no luck. I've tried with and

    with out the T-zones hack, and with and with out info in the APN field.

    Any ideas would be most welcome

    2008-09-24 11:28 PM
  5. mgreen's Avatar
    Hi, I live in Puerto Rico, my carrier was SunCom, now T Mobile, somebody know if this TZone hack work in Puerto Rico? I want to subscribed to the $5.99 T-Zones plan from T-Mobile if this TZone Hack work in P.R.
    2008-09-25 03:34 PM

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