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    I received my refurb from apple today and after unlocking, i still get no EGDE icon. Just the square with a dot in it representing GPRS. These are the things i have tried.

    Changed my APN settings to wap.voicestream.com
    Changed my APN settings to internet1,2,3.voicetream.com (tried em all)
    Contacted t-mo to be certain i have total internet (19.99 NOT T-Zones)
    Tried all the hacks from Cydia (i knew they wouldn't work but tried neway)
    Re-downloaded Pwnage from other sources to make sure i didnt get a corrupt version
    Reflashed (countless times)
    Called t-mo and talked to them for 6 hours
    Verified I have EDGE coverage in my area (i knew i did but checked anyway)
    Replaced my SIM card (just to be sure)
    Cussed At my iPhone ALOT!
    Read everything I could read about the matter.

    I have the Total Internet package from T-Mobile and my iPhone is 2.0.2 and i used PWNAGE to unlock it and re-flash it several times. I still have NO EDGE

    PLEASE help me, put me in touch with an iPhone genius or a developer that knows the network portion in-and-out. I am seriously thinking about selling the iphone and buying something else. I have been on this for 3 weeks and I have NEVER seen the blue E!

    52 lookers and not a single bit of advise? c'mon guys, It has to be something simple that i am missng.........?
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    Just wondering but did you turn the data roaming on and then try it? As long as you have a nationwide plan with T-Mobile you will not get any roaming charges.
    2008-09-10 09:13 PM
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    Your phone is pwned right? Have you tried downgrading to the 5.99 plan then using the BigBoss T-Zones hack?
    2008-09-10 10:51 PM
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    Tried the data roam, nothing.

    why would i have to downgrade pkgs?
    others have edge why cant i have it as is?

    yes, its pwned, i used pwnage tool (many times) i have internet and everything works but the speed is horrible and i cant use youtube feature like others can, what is different between me and others iphone?

    take a look at this..... http://wiki.howardforums.com/index.php/T-Mobile_Data
    This pretty much shows the data plans available from T-Mo. I have the Total internet Pkg and it shows that I should have a 10.xx.xx.xx IP address, but when I check my IP address, I am using a 208.xx.xx.xx IP address, I have verified 4 times with the T-Mo tech center, that I AM NOT on the VPN network. I still have NO blue E symbol and can only connect using internet2.voicestream.com nothing else will work. I am completly lost, and losing interest in this iPhone, and have gone back to my RAZR (which I hate), but an iPhone without EDGE is just a cool looking RAZR anyway. EXTREME number of thanks to the person that figures out this issue and gets me EDGE connectivity.
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