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    i did everything that the first post said and guranteed would work but nothing not even to the yahoo pages or safari pages but it just keeps on saying error http// code. ok said everyone on here says that it works it works but only for certain phones. i purchased the 5.99 plan and nothing. so what i did is call the tmobile place and they tranfered me to tech support and the guy that i talked to said that the 5.99 plan wont work cause the iphone does not read wap only http. and in order to make it work i would need to get the 20 dollar one. and i don't want to do all that. but i bet you when i post this im going to get alot of you guys telling me that it works it works. just keep trying. i been trying since yesterday in the afternoon and i cant get it to come up. so all im asking is to please post correct and how to really make it work programs because eveyone on here don't have the same firmware. i have fireware 2.0.2 so i would like to know if it can be done on this firmware? thank you p.s. please any kind of right answer would be appreciated cause im about to cancel the tzones plan if it aint going to work.
    2008-09-09 07:36 PM
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    I had it working the other day. I'm on 2.0.2 and dl the tzones hack. Worked on Saturday, but it's not working today. I subscribe to the $5.99 plan and was getting everything.

    Not sure if T-Mobile is having problems, I'm going to call them. Just a couple things though. If you just recently added it (the plan from Tmo, it may take a day or more to activate), also try powering off your phone, then back on. I had to do that last week after I upgraded to 2.0.2 and dl the hack.

    If you are getting the $scodes$ error, that's common. Usually just hit refresh adfter the error and it should work fine after that until you exit the browser. I have to do it time I go into Safari. And I also usually have to go to Safari, refresh, then back out if I want to access iTunes or YouTube. Try those things first.

    I'm in CHicago and mine was working fine over the weekend with the 2.0.2. So it DOES (did) work. I'm hoping that maybe the network is just down in my area today??
    2008-09-09 07:52 PM
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    im in chicago too. and nope i did all that refreshing and stuff but nothing. and also i called tmobile to ask them and they told me that if im trying to get tzones to work with the iphone that i need to get the 20 dollar full internet plan in order to make it work. cause the 6 dollar plan wont work because the iphone wont read wap. that is what the tech told me in tmobile. also anybody else have edge working with 2.0.2 firmware and the 6 dollar plan. anybody cause it driving me crazy that i cant get it work for nothing man im going to jump off my roof.
    2008-09-09 08:49 PM
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    T-mobile changed their ip. Any time you are having a problem, check the news section of this forum. It states that t-mobile users will have to reinstall the t-zones hack today, due to the change in ip. As far as the initial problem in this post, t-zones can take up to 2 days after purchase to function properly. I have 2.0.2, and the t-zones hack, and it does work. Try calling them and making sure that they properly activated your account(also, don't listen to what they say about the iphone, they aren't qualified to discuss it accurately). Beyond that, reinstall t-zones hack via cydia. Hope I helped!
    2008-09-09 08:55 PM
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    see there is where i get problems at. when you guys say to look for the tzone hack on cydia i installed cydia and when i go into it i cant find the tzones hack and it fails to update and it timeout. i get no connection at all. and i did call them and they told me that my tzones was up and running! so i don't understand how you guys can see it and in mine i don't even find the tzone hack or my yahoo don't work at all?
    2008-09-09 09:30 PM
  6. Bigperm26's Avatar
    I just reinstalled the TZONES hack today and seems to be working. Before I did, I checked my settings APN was BLANK? I reinstalled and it added the wap.voicestream.com

    If you are trying to find the hack in Cydia, it's in the tweaks folder. Or search for "tzones", no dash, and not Tmobile...

    Let us know.
    2008-09-09 09:36 PM
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    Several of my friends has to manually add the wap.voicestream.com in the APN settings even after installing the hack. No idea what's going on with this...
    2008-09-09 09:39 PM
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    ok nothing i cant find tweeks or tzones. im telling you guys i keep on getting unable to get connect to internet no connection. i also rebooted the iphone 4 times and nothing. and i don't want to restore my phone cause it will stop working again i already restore it like 5 times before when i was trying to get it unlocked. but yeah i cant find tzone on cydia for nothing or tweeks what am i doing wrong?
    2008-09-09 09:49 PM
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    ok, here's a stupid question...if you don't have the data network access, I assume you have WiFi? You need an internet connection to dl anything from cydia...

    Forgive me if you do, I'm just trying to help.
    2008-09-09 10:14 PM
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    ^^^ I think he was trying to access cydia via t-zones.^^^
    Which, for the record does not work. You need wifi to access information and d/l stuff from cydia. Also, try going to the search tab in cydia and just typing in "t-zones" it should pop up. Good luck.
    Trojans and

    Windows Vista
    2008-09-09 10:51 PM
  11. hondaiphone's Avatar
    i have network access? i still dont see nothing. it just keeps telling me unable to load no connection. i even called tmobile to confirm that i had internet
    2008-09-09 10:52 PM
  12. Bigperm26's Avatar
    Well now I'm confused...You have network access...how? I hope you don't mean via tmobile. You must have a wifi internet connection (not through your cell phone provider, but through your home pc with wireless router or something). Cydia needs access to the internet via wifi IF you do not have a data plan. T-Zones is NOT a full data plan. If you had internet through T-Mobile ($19.99 package), you don't need the T-Zones hack.

    Do you have a wireless network?
    2008-09-09 11:28 PM
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    i have wifi but i am confused my self. so let me understand this in order to get cydia to work on the iphone i need wifi connection and then what. cause on my iphone it says off. you see cause i followed everything what the first post said about 100 percent working and i did not read that i needed wifi. so do need to erase all the proxy.pac and the other one to work or still keep it.
    2008-09-10 12:55 AM
  14. Grassmasta's Avatar
    wow, I'm confused. Make sure your phone is connected to wifi, go into cydia, let it update, search tzones, download tzones hack. Can't be any more clear. Now I could be wrong, but I think proxy pac is the manual (hard) way to do it. I personally have never dealt with proxy pac, thanks to
    Cydia. Seriously, good luck bro.
    2008-09-10 01:50 AM
  15. hondaiphone's Avatar
    oh ok so thier is too ways to do it then to get it to work. so do i have to erase what i did with the proxy pac or can i just download the cydia tzones hack with the wifi. will i mess my iphone up?
    2008-09-10 02:45 PM
  16. Grassmasta's Avatar
    I honestly don't know if that would mess it up. Allow me to make a quick distinction: proxy pac is for 1.x.x users, and tzones is for 2.x.x users. If your running 2.x firmware, I would go ahead and remove proxy pac, just to be safe. Good luck!
    2008-09-10 04:55 PM
  17. hondaiphone's Avatar
    ok i got the wifi working and the iphone to find it. and when i go to cydia it updating but i cant find anywhere the tzone hack or tweeks. im i doing something wrong or am i not just looking right?
    2008-09-11 03:01 PM
  18. gsevans's Avatar
    ok i downloaded the bigboss tzone hack. Is there a way that I can have tzone on a prepaid plan?
    2008-09-12 07:43 AM
  19. Grassmasta's Avatar
    In cydia, at the bottom, click the "search" tab, then type in "tzones", it should find it for you. In regards to you sir, gsevans, unless you have a data plan (i.e. tzones, full internet plan), and you pay a monthly bill for it, you are out of luck sir.
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    2008-09-12 03:58 PM
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    2008-09-12 04:54 PM
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