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    Sincere thanks to you and to everyone who contributes to this and other forums.. if it weren't for you, novices like myself would be absolutely screwed. Here is my issue:

    I have a 1st generation Iphone running 2.0.2 with Itunes 7.7.x? I jailbroke and unlocked it last week using WINPWN and have been using it with a T-Mobile sim card now for 6 days. Everything functions perfectly EXCEPT yesterday my SMS suddenly quit. Now I am unable to receive any messages and every attempt in sending results in this: "ERROR SENDING MESSAGE." I have a tried sending/receiving messages to/from every other carrier and none work. A friend of mine also has t-mobile with his Iphone and his SMS is fine (he is still running firmware 1.1.4 though). Is there a fix for this? If I have to restore my iphone through itunes will I need to WINPWN it again? If so, will my T-Mobile service be affected?

    Any and all advice and directions are GREATLY appreciated! I apologize if there is already a solution to this problem posted, but I searched the forums and was unable to find it. Thanks again.
    2008-09-15 08:04 PM
  2. cartman13's Avatar
    Sounds like your data connection isn't active. Are you sure your APN is set correctly?

    Might want to call t-mobile to let them help trouble shoot. But i would check your APN first. (should be set to wap or internet2 .voicestream.com)

    i'm using 2.1 on t-mo and sms is fine. worked fine for me on every firmware before 2.1 as well.
    If i say something stupid I apologize. If i say something smart: "RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH".
    And if i help you, please hit the Thanks!
    2008-09-15 09:12 PM
  3. joechka's Avatar
    Thanks cartman! I did actually hash it out with T-Mobile.. turns out it was simply a technical problem on their end and their system incorrectly showed I had maxed out my plan 1000 text messages in only 5 days. Problem solved. Thank again.
    2008-09-16 05:13 AM