1. l2pdrums's Avatar
    I lost EDGE all of a sudden. Can call out and receive calls, but no EDGE.
    Just upgraded to 2.1 yesterday, and everything was fine this morning. All of a sudden, about an hour ago, the E was gone. I restarted my phone a few times, but no luck. I have the WAP settings and even tried the new APN settings but the E just doesn’t want to come back. Somebody else I know lost his EDGE too.

    I haven’t called T-Mobile cause I don’t want them to ask questions, but is it just me, us, is anybody having EDGE problems too?

    I'm on T-Zones with hack and he is on Full internet plan
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    2008-09-16 12:31 AM
  2. ddfilms's Avatar
    mine is gone as well.
    2008-09-16 01:23 AM
  3. l2pdrums's Avatar
    mine is gone as well.
    Just got off the phone with T-Mobile, and they said that there is an outage in the LA area which affects all of their Data plans. I think they said the Inland Empire and other close cities too.
    2008-09-16 01:29 AM
  4. ddfilms's Avatar
    T-Mobile told me the same thing
    2008-09-16 01:39 AM
  5. feelinggetsold's Avatar
    t-mobile can go f**k its self!!!

    i'm in santa ana which is basically the middle of OC and 9 towers are down
    2008-09-16 01:59 AM
  6. chombie's Avatar
    Happened to me today as well and I'm all the way out in New Jersey. Fixed it with a restore back to my original custom firmware and some tweaking within.
    2008-09-16 03:07 AM
  7. pickeledpeter's Avatar
    mines out here in washington as well...Tried both apn's and unistalled the hack. still no go.
    2008-09-16 03:37 AM
  8. l2pdrums's Avatar
    Mine came back up at about 6pm Pacific time. Used the new APN but still getting slow connection speed.
    2008-09-16 05:27 AM
  9. LeyvaTron's Avatar
    My edge is down too..
    2008-09-16 06:22 AM
  10. vc24's Avatar
    Can someone please update on when they are going to fix it?
    2008-09-16 09:44 AM
  11. photomotoguy's Avatar
    my edge is down on 2.1 3G it was working fine 2days ago. im in texas.
    2008-09-18 03:54 AM
  12. Grassmasta's Avatar
    I havent upgraded to 2.1 yet, and my edge is working fine. (I'm in Austin, Tx.) I dont know if the firmware baseband update has anything to do with it or not, but I'd be willing to bet there is some sort of corrolation. (although after reading some of your tags, it seems as though some of you are on 2.0.2) Hmmm... Cydia T-zones hack reinstallation?
    Trojans and

    Windows Vista
    2008-09-18 04:58 AM