1. Sseadoubleyou's Avatar

    I'm running 2.1 unlocked.

    I have my email account on my iPhone setup for push (it's Yahoo so I know it is compatible), under fetch new data push is ON, then below that I have fetch set for manual (since I'm using push no need to set it to 15, 30 etc) and then when I click on the advanced button, it takes me to my email account (which I click) and under "select schedule" push is checked with a check mark. Yet it's taking 10 minutes plus for me to get mail to my phone (I've tested it with my computer from one account sending it to my account that is on my phone.

    What is the problem? 9 out of 10 times I'm having to manually check it by hitting the refresh icon in my inbox because push isn't delivering it.

    My cellular data network on the phone is set to "internet2.voicestream.com" and the username and password fields are empty (as told to do my T-Mobile). They can't figure out why my mail is not being pushed to my phone. I've also tried using guest and guest as the username and password...no dice! I've also tried using wap.voicestream.com as well and still no dice. I'm always having to manually go into the phone and do a refresh to get my mail.

    Can anyone help me out here?
    2008-09-17 07:25 PM
  2. l2pdrums's Avatar
    Do you have T-Zones? Total internet plan?

    I didn't get push since I was using T-Zones, but since changing the APN to EPC.TMOBILE.COM, I now get push with T-zones.

    Try changing the APN and see what happens.
    2008-09-18 06:14 PM
  3. ScottFern's Avatar
    I can confirm that with epc.tmobile.com APN that Exchange PUSH is working.
    2008-09-18 09:10 PM
  4. h.abdulhamid86's Avatar
    i have a 2G iphone 2.1 with t-mobile total internet plan. my apn is set to internet2.voicestream.com. i have a mobile me account.

    when i first tried push, i was using gmail, and my email was not pushing. so, i thought i would try out mobile me, and still not pushing. i happened to have a genius bar appt with apple a couple days after i signed up (mbp battery), and one of the employees told me that it took about a week for their mail to start pushing with their mobile me acct. sure enough, after about a week, mine kicked in. now it pushes great!

    so, if you've only been set up a couple of days, i think there is hope that your mail will eventually start pushing as mine, and the apple store employee's did. there are just a lot of bugs with this new push service...i think they'll eventually get it together.

    give it a week or so. then i'd get in touch with apple.
    2008-09-19 12:41 PM