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    Hi this is dave need help with picture messaging on the iphone. I have seen some of the ways on google. I have a iphone 2g jailbroke and unlocked using t-mobile. I pay for text and picture . Should I download aim or is there a better way ? thanks for your help.
    2008-09-19 09:41 PM
  2. soundengineer's Avatar
    best way is to use SwirlyMMS...download from cydia..
    costs $8 if you decide to pay for the license ...free for 14 days
    I use it...it works great...
    theres even a few write ups on here somewhere for settings and how to set it up...
    easy as pie...
    2008-09-20 12:51 AM
  3. vrodman0633's Avatar
    ok thanks I will give it a try

    ok thanks soundengineer. I got it working this morning. Just one more question for me to recieve messages do I need any thing else ? like mobile finder or mobile preview. thanks
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    2008-09-20 08:48 PM
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    how you doing

    my picture messaging does not work on my iphone
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    2011-01-22 11:45 PM