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    Unfortunately, it's true as of now.
    I just checked the safari browser and it redirected my google search to an xml page(wipcore.t-mobile.com/blahblahblaah)...screenshots below
    Same thing for loading MxTube, etc.

    I actually have internet available, it just has a block on it.
    I can shorten the redirect url to wipcore.t-mobile.com without it changing.

    And for those of you that have prepaid already know that you've been stuck without the option of adding t-zones or total internet to your service, so you've been stuck without internet. So this was a gateway, but not available anymore, just letting you all know the whole scoop!
    Attached Thumbnails epc.tmobile.com is no longer free-img_0009.png   epc.tmobile.com is no longer free-img_0010.png  
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    2008-09-26 08:40 PM
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    I'm using it on a 2g 8gb fw 2.1 iphone. It still works for me and i never signed up for any 5.99 tzones plan or anything else, nor do i have the big boss hack. And as far as i know i haven't paid a cent for it.
    2008-09-26 10:34 PM
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    I'm using it on a 2g 8gb fw 2.1 iphone. It still works for me and i never signed up for any 5.99 tzones plan or anything else, nor do i have the big boss hack. And as far as i know i haven't paid a cent for it.
    What plan do you have and where are you located?
    2008-09-26 11:07 PM
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    The title of this thread includes "FREE", meaning those that DIDN'T have to pay anything for the internet, meaning T-Zones, are now without internet.

    EDIT: Well at least I know I'm not the only one experiencing this:
    Free Unlimited web access for T-Mobile Prepaid(ToGo) Customers - Page 28 - SlickDeals.net Forums
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    I still have service... Jailbroken 2.1 8GB 1st Gen iPhone. So, am I to believe that this APN is completely free to use? No service charge for using the internet, email, youtube... etc?
    2008-09-28 12:49 AM
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    This is getting off topic...
    All I was saying was that prepaid users CAN'T ADD T-ZONES or ANY OTHER DATA PLAN to their account, so those that took advantage of the availability of the internet service that are on PREPAID will now be stuck without it again.
    The thread was going smooth till ol' dude started trippin about "you people"
    2008-09-29 08:47 PM
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    i just did it for my cousins phone and she does not pay for any internet and it still works .. i live in south florida .. ima gonna cancel my tzones .. lol
    2008-10-01 05:59 AM
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    Mine just started coming up with that page too Mine still works on wap.voicestream.com sometimes, it is just so slow, and about all I can use it for is to send off an email.
    2008-10-03 06:38 PM
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    im in NYC. was working friday. used wifi on weekend. not working monday morning. :[

    NM its working again :]
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    2008-11-24 03:12 PM
  10. EL TIGERASO's Avatar
    Had dat same problem....works fine now tho
    2008-11-24 05:12 PM
  11. z3r01's Avatar
    im in NYC and i havent had edge for a minute, and i just called and they said its on
    2008-11-24 05:59 PM
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    Ok this thread got WAY off topic and WAY out of hand! If you read the initial post this topic only applies to PRE-PAID customers. If you have a pre-paid account t-mobile does not even give you the OPTION to add t-zones. Someone found a nice loophole in the system and adding the epc.tmobile.com apn allowed PRE-PAID customers to get free data access.

    The entire point of this thread was to inform people that the "loophole" or "glitch" in the system had been fixed and PRE-PAID customers could no longer receive free data access. If you respond to this thread please confirm that you are in fact a PRE-PAID customer.
    2008-11-26 08:40 PM
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    Thank You
    On my 3G iPhone w/ AT&T I have no problems. On my 2G iPhone with a contract w/ T-Mobile, I have no problems. But on my back-up iPhone w/ pre-paid on T-mobile, I cannot access the internet
    2008-11-26 09:36 PM
  14. jnjanonymous's Avatar
    i have the tzone with the epc.tmobile.com and ive noticed it works once in a while..anyone know a way of fixing it?
    2008-12-08 07:41 AM
  15. barryegan's Avatar
    well i had the 5.99 with my flexpay pre-paid, used for over a year. all of a sudden i was getting error no edge plan. logged in to account and it no longer showed i had the feature anymore.

    so i'm calling them to ask to have it re-added.

    btw, i haven't paid for the flexpay services in a year, i've just reloaded the flexaccount with $10 about once every 6 months. still was able to use edge with the t-zone hack.

    i just read from someone that they were able to add 5.99 plan and use epc.tmobile.com with no more hack. so i'm really hoping it works.
    2009-03-06 06:52 AM
  16. barryegan's Avatar
    mission accomplished:

    i think something had simply happened on their system, causing my t-zone feature to bump out of active. when i called, the agent claimed the t-zones had never gone off. it must have even been just because of the actual APN change business. what happened to me was i started getting a "not subscribed to edge service" message with proxy hack active.

    I did actually have to reactivate service for a short pro-rated period, but I was able to get right on after entering the epc.tmobile.com apn. also, now apps like beejive work where they always failed on the proxy hack.

    now today i have the txt telling me my normal services are suspended and minutes can be used out of flex acc. and my t-zones still up and running as it always is at this stage again.

    so relieved.
    2009-03-17 06:24 PM
  17. journeys's Avatar
    http://wipcore.t-mobile.com appeared on my safari homepage.

    i rebooted 5 times and nothing worked so i called tmobile. they know i have an unlocked iphone and they know i was only paying 5 bucks a month for internet and i explained this to them and they explained to me that they're updating their systems to register the imei number of ALL THE SMART PHONES THEY CURRENTLY ARE GIVING SERVICE TO. then all of these iemi numbers will be on their poop-list, so that internet access will not be provided to these unlocked phones anymore if you pay the minimal $5.99 or $9.99 fee. they said that slowly but surely all of these phones would lose "free" internet. so, i demanded a refund. they gave me a $45 credit for the internet service that i've "paid for" over the last 6 months with them.

    hopefully a work around will come, but i imagine if you re-register a different phone on their site and then put the sim back in the iphone it might work for a while.

    if there ends up being no work around, call tmobile and demand compensation. they did it for me, and they'll do it for u. if they get enough calls maybe they'll restore things to how it was yesterday.
    2009-07-14 09:41 PM
  18. pickeledpeter's Avatar
    Just to add my two cents....I have been on flex-pay tmobile for the past year. Well, last month, my girfriend and I split and had to cancell our two-line plan, and I had to start a whole new account. When I was opening a new account at the store, I asked for t-zones for 5.99 and the clerk said that that plan is not even an option anymore, and that every person who was using epc.tmobile.com, and wap.voicestream.com would eventually all lose their signal becuase theyre making the switch to inertnet2.whateveritis.com. At the time it worked out ok because I just used the 19.99 unlimited data and text plan, so at the time it worked out ok. HOWEVER, my edge would not work at all for two days. I tried all three of the above mentioned addresses and waited awhile just so see if it took longer to activate. After finally getting tired of trying different things I called and they informed me that the only data plan that now supports internet for the iphone is the 34.99 data plan. I was pretty upset.

    I feel that It used to be that unlocking your was for great benefit because you could use t-mobile and they're significantly cheaper plans. Like i stated above, when I was on the two phone-line flex pay, I was paying $121 a month for 700 minutes, unlimited internet and texts for both phones.

    NOW, after getting a new phone line, Im at $84.00 for ONE! kinda crappy.

    Im wondering if its even worth all the unlocking trouble and avoided at&t now, or if there is even an advantage not using att....

    I guess the big question I have, and is for another thread is 3G significantly faster than Edge, and how much does the average att user pay for the same services as I am...

    Take care
    2009-07-14 10:07 PM
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    still works for me, and again another user with less then 10 posts claiming this lol.

    we'll see.
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2009-07-14 10:09 PM
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    My $5.99 T-Zones is still working fine. I've had it for years to tether a razr to laptop while camping. Never had any trouble.
    2009-07-14 10:41 PM
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