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    Hi, I am currently at 2.0.1 and thinking about upgrading to 2.1 firmware but after seeing so many ppl having issue with the 2.1 ( block access apn, no receptions, dropped service) i am not sure if its safe to upgrade. Can someone give me some feedback on this 2.1 upgrade with tmobile 2G iphone. How does it work for you ? is the battery life really improved ?

    btw if i upgrade to 2.1 will all my contacts, txt messages, and cydia apps that i installed still there ? thx
    2008-10-07 01:16 AM
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    Cydia apps will not be there. If you did a backup, then your texts and such will be, however people are having the most success not restoring from a backup. Some have had issues, but if you are on a 2G and don't like 2.1 you can always downgrade to anything else you want. Basically, it is up to you, but as an OS 2.1 runs best out of the 2.x series so far.

    EDIT: I BELIEVE the battery life was more a 3G thing than anything else, as well as the reception fix.
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    2008-10-07 01:19 AM
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    been running 2.1 since it was broken on mac. after upgrade to 2.1, I restored backup via itunes to put personal info back. only bummer is manually putting cydia apps back. battery life same as pre 2.x, using edge via tzones, no issues.
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    2008-10-07 03:27 AM
  4. smokeyismyg's Avatar
    works great for me haven't notice battery issues. and tzones works great.
    2008-10-07 10:11 PM