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    Hey guys I really need some help.

    Im using an IPhone 3G
    I just recently got a RebelSim Card Adapter which works like universal sim, xsim, etc.

    I cut my sim placed it with the adapter and after a few seconds got full bars followed by T-Mobile.
    Note: Im on T-Mobile USA

    Now the problem is that everytime I try to call someone it would ring once and instanly give me a 'Call Failed' and when i look to my top left i go from full bars to no bars and i get No service.

    It DOES ring once on the phone im calling but it instantly gives me a call failed.

    When I receive a call I can pick up and talk normally without a call failed i just cant make outgoing calls.
    I can also text and everything perfect but i dont have EDGE but thats because im currently on the Sidekick Plan

    I tried ticking caller id, i tried changing my date and time ive tried all those things but i just cant make an outgoing call. Can anyone please help?

    Thanks in advance.
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    There may be several success stories using hardware unlocks. To be honest, most of the folks who really know what they are talking about always and infinitely advised against using such unlocks.
    You'd be better served contacting the manufacturer or retailer from which you bought the sim.
    Have you tried a full restore?
    Or sell your 3G, buy a 1st gen. getting the same capabilities, with a better shelf-life. After all, not being able to utilize 3G speeds renders the 3G iPhone useless. Ill take the better build quality over a shiny black back.
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