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    I have a 3G jailbroken and with the latest firmware. I have the $19.99 data plan with TMobile, but have yet to be able to connect to the internet without wifi. If I open Safari i get "safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet".

    The difference between me and all of the other threads I've read about this is that I've never been able to get my phone to connect to the internet via T-Mobile.

    I've called TMobile Unsupported Phone Department and even spoke to a tech that had a jailbroken 3G of his own. We tried the internet2, internet3, and epc APN's but none of them worked so he gave up. He did say that if I can't connect with the data plan then it won't connect with the t-zones plan either.

    i've tried ENABLE 3G on and off as well as DATA ROAMING on and off, and still nothing.

    If it helps any, I also can't retrieve MMS messages with Swirly because I get "Fetching Error: failed to connect to proxy: connect failed" error.

    Any other suggestions?
    2008-10-16 01:39 AM
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    Swirly messes up because you have no "data". Aside from getting the APN settings correct, try turning WIFI OFF. And try resetting your network settings under "settings". But thats all I can think off, sorry.
    2008-10-16 02:05 AM
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    i have turned Wifi off and TMobile rep had me reset the network settings then tried internet2, internet3, and epc APN's again with no luck.

    it's almost as if Safari is still looking for the WiFi network since i'm not prompted with anything like "would you like to connect to the Edge (or 3G) network" which is what my old Nokia N80 would do.

    any other suggestions? would re-jailbreaking it make any sense? obivously it couldn't hurt, but if i don't have to do it again i'd rather not.
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    2008-10-16 08:32 PM
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    i also want to add that i can receive emails, but i cannot send them.

    and when trying to send a SwirlyMMS message, i get this:
    MMS cannot be sent right now since GPRS/EDGE is not available. Please review your MMS and/or EDGE APN settings.
    2008-10-24 12:38 AM
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    i emailed the guy that sold me the TurboSIM thru eBay and basically told him everything that i've posted above. here's what he said:

    you might need to get the latest chipset. i'm getting them mid month, so if you want that one, email me directly. the chip set is more expensive so let me know. $49.99
    2008-10-29 05:01 PM
  6. Chefanim's Avatar
    49.99 ??!!

    Thats outrageous!

    I would say that the sim adapter is most likely to blame for your problem. From what I've heard they all seem to be a bit buggy. Best option is to wait for a software unlock, or sell it and get a 2G. I love my 2G on T-Mobile, GPRS/EDGE/MMS all working just fine.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish
    2008-10-29 06:04 PM
  7. Tana292's Avatar
    How do you get MMS to work?
    2008-10-29 06:54 PM
  8. razor99x's Avatar
    thanks for the info, Chefanim.

    Tana, for MMS you have to go to CYDIA and download SwirlyMMS. You can use the free demo for 2 weeks but then it'll cost you $8 to buy the full version.
    2008-11-01 12:19 AM
  9. reznor9's Avatar
    on my 3G Ive been using virginsim, and it has been working great. Yet my edge just recently went out. I think its a local network problem because my wifes it out too and hers is 2G and software unlocked
    2008-11-01 09:18 AM