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    you should not be trying to go to http://wap.voicestream.com,
    you should be automatically redirected to the Web2Go porta
    your data and mms apn are wap.voicesteam.com

    are you on an iphone 2G?
    that would explain why enablemms2G worked for you, but the method i posted earlier is for ios4, which the 2G cannot have

    see my screenshot, the settings app is my cellular data and mms apn, and the other is where i'm redirected to in safari if i try to go anywhere. this is with no internet plan, just mms
    Yes, this is 2G with firmware 3.1.3. I have tried going to other sites also, but I always get the error that the phone is not connected to internet. At one point (with an older firmware), I got this working by modifying preferences, but at that time I don't believe there was a way to enter an APN in settings app. May be I can look for those instructions and see if they are still relevant.
    2010-12-04 08:53 PM
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