1. TJ-Shocker's Avatar
    Anyone used a Tmobile Hotspot on the iPhone? Was it easy to setup? From the instruction for the general use on the Tmobile FAQ it seemed pretty easy to use.

    But I wanted to ask if there were any snags that people have come across?
    I did a search and found this other Hotspot Thread , but this one seems to deal with using 2 iphones on the same login at the same time.

    I actually pay for the hotspot and it will be used on my account.
    2008-02-29 04:27 AM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    i pay for the $20 total internet plan so i can log onto their hotspot wifi. never had a problem. when i go into a starbucks, and i open up safari, it'll take me to hotspot's log in page and i just put in the username and password and i'm connected
    2008-02-29 04:14 PM
  3. TJ-Shocker's Avatar
    Yep, worked for me too. I just stopped in the Starbucks parking lot to make sure it all worked.

    The most difficult part was figuring out the default password, since they forgot to tell me when I changed the service.

    The SSID showed right up when I turned the Wifi on
    2008-03-01 05:54 AM