1. mooinakan's Avatar
    Hey guys, just got my iPhone 2G and I unlocked and I've been using epc.tmobile.com. It works, but I get GPRS everywhere.. and according to t-mobiles network map I should be getting EDGE everywhere I go. What gives? I know it can do Edge because I saw it the other day. Is there an alternative so I can get on EDGE around here?
    2009-02-14 12:30 AM
  2. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    The iPhone is, frankly, clueless as to what signals mean what when it comes to US T-Mobile. For obvious reasons. It seems to me that depending on what tower you are connected to, the iPhone thinks you are either on EDGE or GPRS. For me, it used to be that at home, it said I had GPRS, but when I'm out somewhere I would have EDGE. There is really no difference; your T-Zones should work either way. I think it depends on the age of the tower itself, because we recently got a new tower put in somewhere around here and now I show the E everywhere. You shouldn't worry about it. You could do what I do, and replace the GPRS icon with the EDGE icon and the EDGE with the 3G to make it look like you get 3G in some places even though you really don't =]
    2009-02-16 01:27 AM