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    I've been using the T-Zones/Cydia hack for a while now, while using wap.voicestream.com (I believe) as the proxy/gateway (I'm blanking on the name right now), under settings, and it's worked great. Yesterday, I tried adding SwirlyMMS to test with and it refused to send, so I checked the error online and some had suggested to remove the t-zones hack and use epc.tmobile.com. I did that and Swirly still did not work and my internet speed plummeted.

    I know epc is supposed to be faster and it does work without the hack, but for whatever reason, the wap.voicestream.com is substantially faster in my area. I've tried downloading the hack from Cydia, but it's been removed. I used the following post on modmyi.com to find the DEB package, and I tried to follow the steps to load it onto the phone, but it errors out on the apt-get step. It starts it, and appears to read package list, build the dependency tree, but then errors out saying something about couldn't find package. I'm a Windows guy and have no idea how to use Linux. I did some searching online and ran an apt-update (or something like that), but it didn't seam to help either. Any assistance anyone could provide as to how to get the T-Zones hack back on my iphone would be greatly appreciated!!


    Here is the link with all the steps:

    2009-03-18 03:05 PM
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    Can anyone help me with this? I don't care if it's from Cydia or manually installing it, I'm willing to try anything to get that hack back. Thanks again for any help you can provide.
    2009-03-21 02:46 AM
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    Just a quick question, how come you want the hack if your internet is currently working. The reason the T-zones hack was needed, was because no APN's allowed you to access T-mobile internet.
    As for the swirly problem, Run the auto settings wizard and use any of the ones it provides you. The APN on swirly does not need to be the same your internet uses to access DATA.
    2009-03-21 08:22 PM
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    I managed to get Swirlly working as I needed to uninstall everything (including manually deleting folders), but I want the t-zones hack as my internet is half the speed using epc.tmobile.net without the hack as it was using wap.voicestream.com with the hack. And, I can't use wap.voicestream.com without the hack. It also picks up with less of a signal using the hack and wap.voicestream.com, just a much better experience.
    2009-03-21 11:29 PM