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  1. hksmr2's Avatar
    I used Whizkid's method, everything works except for youtube. I did upload the proxy.pac to the right path. Please help. Thanks in advance
    2007-09-30 08:17 AM
  2. chasev2's Avatar
    hksmr2 reminded me of a question...

    The proxy.pac file goes into /private/var/root? So that you then have the Library folder, the Media folder and the proxy.pac file in /private/var/root?

    Is this correct?
    2007-09-30 08:58 AM
  3. buzilanga's Avatar
    OK i did everything, edge works fine, but when I get home, I get the same prob as a guy here that it does connect to my wifi but i have no ip nothing, it keeps connected on the edge. So I chagne the preferences.plist to the original one, restart the phone, wifi works fine. put the modded preferences again inside and wifi doesn't work again. Anybody fixes for this?
    I just fixed my wifi problem, just copied the code from hackint0sh and put it in my preference.plist and works fine now, whizkid again thx for the good topic
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    2007-09-30 10:59 PM
  4. vietkool's Avatar
    whizh plan are you using???
    are you using post paid t mobile plan with 5.99 t zone internet connection on if yes then it should work fine il tell u the process again or u can check ur edge settings will be
    user - guest
    pass - guest

    since if this is ok u dont need to modify ur settings and vpn tooo

    just copy the code and save the file as

    ok when u explore your mobile through mobile finder under

    wher u have place the proxy.pac file
    when u click on it u will actually see it is saved as proxy.pac.txt which we dont want it so change on the phone itself to proxy.pac after saving download the rapidhsare file it includes the settings for connection and JUST OVERWrITE IT under


    after overwriting reboot your iphone and try to open weather it will say updating and after few moments it will be updated

    this mean ur net is working your you tube will also work but first time it will say cannot connect and second time it will connect but slow


    dont mess with the settings after this


    I did exactly steps show above, then I restart the phone and turn off the WIFI and try the safari, then I got internal error ! you do not have access to the site in google search .....etc
    is there any other setup that I need to do beside uploade a proxy.pac and a preferences.list ?
    2007-10-01 03:58 AM
  5. sickiphone's Avatar
    why dont u guys try to go to rdge settings and for the apn type in or bothe work for me with out having to do any oher mods with anything
    2007-10-01 04:14 AM
  6. ogm692's Avatar
    I did just what it said on the guide and everything works great! One problem or question I have is with SMS. Can anyone get picture messages? Or is can you only get text msgs with the Iphone?
    2007-10-02 06:20 AM
  7. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    No MMS support on iPhone.

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A [select] [start] Kyle Matthews
    2007-10-03 03:01 AM
  8. nonst0p's Avatar
    will this work on any t-mobile-network, or just in the US? I'm on the czech network...
    2007-10-03 10:57 AM
  9. shizzabrick's Avatar
    It's not really 100%... can't get YouTube search or Chats working. Anyone?
    2007-10-03 03:51 PM
  10. MOEPLO's Avatar
    I tried this but I cant get gmail to work. It says it cant connect through ssl. also youtube only partially works. I cant search but I can view the featured videos, then when I try to play it it says youtube not available. then after a few seconds its starts playing.

    would it matter which unlock method I used?
    same exact thing here! im about to just delete what i did and just deal with the regular edge setting that i had before where i just edited the wap.cingular thing,,,,, that worked fine for me.
    2007-10-04 10:39 PM
  11. mssidah's Avatar
    i called up tmobile and asked the rep about the tzones plan with prepaid. she said that every person on prepaid has tzones included. i followed all these instructions but when i use safari to go to any site (even it says "internal error you do not have permission to visit [insert url here]"

    what can i do now? i uploaded the proxy.pac file to /private/var/root and downloaded the .plist file from rapidshare and used ibrickr to overwrite the current one. my edge settings also say, guest, and guest in those three spaces. what should i do now?

    EDIT: i'm also having the problem that someone else already posted. my wifi is connected but has no settings and wont work now. what can i do to fix that now?

    EDIT2: clicking "renew lease" gives the wifi all its setting back but backing out of that and going right back to it the settings are erased again.
    See i use prepaid as well , and i called T-mobile as well and they told me that i have internet and tzone with it . i used the same settings and my **** not working , im really mad about this . and now one know how to get it working
    2007-10-05 01:57 AM
  12. b4lyph's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to get YouTube and MobileChat working using this method? Everything else works great. Thanks.
    2007-10-05 03:40 AM
  13. w0by's Avatar
    I followed the instructions exactly and they don't work. Just goes black and back to the home screen. I restarted my phone again and the weather updated! But then I opened youtube and it goes to the home screen...tried the weather again...goes to home weird.

    UPDATE: Ok so I'm using a mac and I had to use TextWrangler to make the proxy.pac because the textedit that comes with mac adds some crap in the file that you can't see. I have tested everything. i'm using Tmobile USA i tested weather, mail, stocks, youtube and safari and everything works. Youtube isn't slow here like people are saying though it works like normal.

    UPDATE: You can't search on youtube like normal. You can only view the Featured and Most Viewed pages and watch those videos.
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    2007-10-05 04:21 AM
  14. jayc7176's Avatar
    First off all let me say ! this is very cool! but however it didnt work for me .! i followed everything the way the guide tells..
    but this disabled my wi-Fi ... and t-zones were clocking at horrible 56kbps
    I had to restore my phone !

    Let se just say you T-zones were slower then the total internet package .! pluse you dont need to do any moddin to your phone .. just go under setting and then edge type in the address and boom!

    So now i m not going to try save some money and stick with my total internet package !! SO anyone who is trying to use this

    u don't need to mod anything
    just enter if you have $5.99 T-zones
    And if you have $19.99 total internet

    See i use prepaid as well , and i called T-mobile as well and they told me that i have internet and tzone with it . i used the same settings and my **** not working , im really mad about this . and now one know how to get it working
    Here is the thing !! She was telling both of yous that T-zones come with your account by default !! She failed to clear out that you dont have paid version on T-zones! Every T-mobile account comes with T-zones by default but the t-zones that come with your account only let you surf and buy ringtones,wallpapers,callertunes, manage your account and blah blah !! but iphone doesn't have in built t-zones so the default = nthing. when you call dont ask do i have t-zones ! ask them you want t-zones ! i guess both of those reps were lazy ! failed to probe you if you were looking for paid version of t-zones or not !

    however since you are pre paid ! i doubt you can get t-zones since there is not way to bill it to you... it cant be taken out of you balance .. just transfer your account to be a normal account get 1 yr contract ! if you dont want 2 yr ..... u allrwady have a phone so no need to get into 2 yr contract ! hope this helps you !
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    2007-10-05 07:04 AM
  15. b4lyph's Avatar
    It's not really 100%... can't get YouTube search or Chats working. Anyone?
    I'm with you man but I can't grumble for $6 vs. $20. I can deal without these two. I would like to know however if you can still tether your phone??? Anyone try yet with working results??
    2007-10-05 08:47 PM
  16. HungLO's Avatar "Blackberry Unlimited" ($19.99) to "T-Mo T-Zones" ($5.99). At the time of this screen shot, still without the hack. Waiting for Edge to stop working to perform the hack under the new package.

    Will take another screen of the speed test once I perform the hack with the new package.

    Update 1:
    1. After waiting for about an hour, I was forced to perform the hack due to EDGE not working under the old config. The assumption is that at this time the package got downgraded.
    2. Followed Whiz instructions to the "T". Used "preference.plist" provided for download.
    3. Initially after rebooting the phone EDGE didn't want to work. After a little while EDGE started working; however lost WiFi capability altogether.
    4. After browsing Hackint0sh, found a different "preference.plist" here post #40. Since I didn't have WiFi, was forced to upload via iBrickr.
    5. Rebooted phone. WiFi capability restored. Proceeded to test all apps.
    6. Everything works except "YouTube" ("Cannot connect to YouTube") and "Colloquy" (maybe becauses proxy is not forwarding port 6667). Most people have "YouTube" working, perhaps it doesn't work for me because I performed a hardware unlock. For the record, it doesn't work over WiFi either.

    So far so good. Can't beat $5.99. Scrennie coming up.

    Update 2:

    Speedtest screenshot of phone on T-Zones over EDGE:

    1. As you can see, the speed is about the same.
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    2007-10-05 10:54 PM
  17. w0by's Avatar
    Anyone know how to make the Youtube Search work? I can only watch the videos on the Most Viewed and Popular screens but when I use the search area it says Youtube not available.
    2007-10-05 11:58 PM
  18. scoot3r90's Avatar
    I have everything working, SMS, Weather, anything BUT Youtube. It works fine on WiFi but not on edge . Does anyone know how to fix this? I love th iPhone but it youtube doesn't work on EDGE. Please help!
    2007-10-07 10:47 PM
  19. wildonrio's Avatar
    Anyone else having webpages not load until you refresh them? If not, can you tell us how you did it?
    2007-10-08 12:33 AM
  20. tomdz32's Avatar
    ok guys had unlocked iphone evertything works fine on wi fi, now i have the sidekick unlimited plan (19.99) and nothing works i tryed putting and everything you guys have any help?
    2007-10-08 05:04 AM
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