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    This is the plan I got with T-Mobile. I used an old skool phone to trick them into thinking that I just needed t-zones access and that is what they gave me. I have a FlexPay Account. When I attempt to connect on my iphone using the epc or wep apn and launch safari it states that the internet plan i pay for is not compatible with the device and promts me to upgrade the plan for the $35 one (offical t-mobile site). With the internet# apn, i can not connect at all. Can anyone help me? It seems like it just needs a proxy, but the hack is no longer on cydia. Any suggestions?

    2009-04-12 12:30 AM
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    So you're sure that they activated t-zones? If so, make sure you try epc.tmobile.com
    Try rebooting your phone twice and give it a shot.
    If you just made a change to your plan today you have to wait a day for your account to update. That's probably why your're getting the message about having to upgrade.

    You no longer need a "hack" via cydia or installer to get the t-zones Internet to work.
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    2009-04-12 01:02 AM
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    Thank you for your reply,

    I know that I got the plan called : "Web & Msg Unl FP MC $19.95" as that is what appears on the services page of the My-T-Mobile website. I'm not sure if thats exactly "T-Zones" but I know its some type of internet plan. I assume it is activated as when I check the status of my account it clearly states that I have "Web & Msg Unl FP MC $19.95" I did just get it today though, I will try to wait a day and hopefully it will work. In the mean time, anyone have any more thoughts?

    Someone else is having my exact problem... http://www.modmyi.com/forums/t-mobil...one-users.html
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    2009-04-12 05:14 AM
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    will the Tmobile hack work with this Web & Msg Unl FP MC $19.95?? cuz i have the same plan and its 100MB limit per month.
    2009-04-20 10:04 PM
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    EPC is NOT for the Web2go plan.

    First of all, put your sim on your old phone and make sure that web is working, if it is then try these steps:

    - Reset your Network Settings (Settings>Gen>Reset)
    - Then try APN: wap.voicestream.com (not wep) or internet2.voicestream.com

    If after that your web only works on your old phone then I would guess that T-Mobile "pulled the plug" on you.

    If your web plan does not even work on the old phone, then I would recommend you to put the SIM on your old phone and give T-Mobile a call.

    PS.: Remember, keep in mind that it takes 24-48hrs for it to work so if you recently added it, just give it a couple of days
    2009-04-20 11:25 PM