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    I plan to use itune to upgrade my phone to 2.2.1 (I currently have 2.2 unlocked). Question is if I upgraded, does the baseband 2.28 will change to 2.30 which mean I can not use yellowsnow to soft unlock the phone rite?
    there is a link to guide how to re_unlock with 2.2.1 is this really work?
    iPhone 2.2.1 QuickPwn 2.2.5 Upgrade Guide | Code Retard

    what the benefit ver. 2.2.1 ?
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    2009-05-29 08:22 PM
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    Upgrading to 2.21 will update your BB unless you use a custom FW with the BB preserved.

    There is no reason to upgrade. So why bother?
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    2009-05-31 09:12 PM