1. D.N.R's Avatar
    ok heres my problem i looked around the tmobile forums here but couldnt find anything. i had a tmobile slider which doesnt do the internet,so i had no internet package available it wouldnt let me add it. if i change my phone type on the tmobile billing section of their page from the slider to say the blackberry which isinternet capable then add the internet package will it work on my iphone? please help
    2009-06-20 06:53 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    That, logically, should work. I actually had a TMobile Blackberry Pearl, called them and told them the number they requested from the phone's back, and told them to add the plan and they did--but of course I stuck the SIM into my iPhone instead then sold the BB. But I've messed around with my online account and changed my listed phone just for fun and it did open up/close up some features for me including texting/data plans. Give it a go. If not then I'd go borrow someone's phone and call TMobile...they won't check I don't think they just need to verify what kind of phone it is. Calling always work...it's just a matter of you finding a phone. Some people say simply telling a Tmo rep that you're using an unlocked iPhone works, but some say they don't respond well to that. Who knows, give something a go and let me know =)
    2009-06-22 07:51 AM