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    Ok, I figure i would right this up and let people know what i came across.

    So, I did 3.0 last night on my 2G.. Added the Cydia activateMMS2g... Added the setting i found.. and tried about three different ones..

    I kept getting the white !, wrapped in a red ballon.. Pissed... three hours of restarting, and such... getting pissed.. So I started to look in to SwirlyMMS.. And figured out that they make a version for 3.0..... 2.2.1 so, I about gave up on the Apple version of MMS... I went and installed swirlyMMS Ver.2
    Finaly, I went with the most common settings during set-up... Sent my self a Picture.. and hello... it started working...

    Now, I have no idea if adding swirly helped... but what I am saying is... I cant hurt to try. I did not go and buy Swirly.. I just DL it and set it up...

    Testing.. I sent my self a pic.. It came through on swirly first... (Would not let me see it cause of no license) but two seconds later, I got my first Apple native received MMS picture.. and it's full resolution!! Pic's look great.. And then my roommates pictures she was sending came though, at full resolutions!!

    This could be a fluke.. I don't know.. All I know, Is three hours of working with APN settings, and Cydia tricks, as well as people early walk arounds... nothing worked..Some would send out, but no one would get, and I would not get any form anyone.. next day, tried the basic settings... no luck... then install swirly.. And BANG!! I rule!!

    Anyone.. Try it out.. let me know..

    Again.. Add the activateMMS2g.. update cydia.. (I added SBpreff's and supreme preferences as well for more control) Add your settings.. if that dont work.. leave them correct, and add swirly.. Set it up, with the updates.. pick the most popular settings.. and try that **** out.

    guarantee if your getting the ! i the red ballon.. your settings are wrong for your plan... And if you can't find.. go to swirlyspace.com...look in forums, under the working settings. and add.. or when you install, copy them down.. you will see what I am talking about..

    If this works, or help's...please hit the thanks button..
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    2009-07-01 01:26 AM
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    You can also check out the walkthrough and bundles I have in my signature The links I defer to give PERFECT picture quality!!

    TekWiz also compiled all the links together in one post that detail the various steps of enabling MMS for BOTH TMobile and ATT.
    2009-07-01 01:30 AM
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    What detail? The swirly? I did not see that any place else.. Thus why i added...

    Oh, had another working phone with the same route..
    New unibody Macbook Pro, the jacked Model.. Iphone 2G, and 3G, 3G's, And 4G.
    2009-07-01 02:17 PM