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    I have been using swirly until there was a fix for the low resolution mms in the native messaging app...and now that it is fixed i tried uninstalling swirly and I cannot get my camera icon to pop back up in my text app. I have had the camera icon before and was able to send/receive low resolution pictures but now i cant get it back please help
    EDIT: i have tried changing carrier.plist , tried resetting all network settings rebooting and retyping in the settings, i have tried the steps for installing the high resolution camera fix from *****************, NOTHING is working to get the camera icon back in my text app
    EDIT PS: I have a 3g iphone on 3.0 and i would like to figure out how to completely remove swirly without a restore since im jailbroken/unlocked i dont feel like having to reinstall all my jb'd apps please helP!
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