1. theman124's Avatar
    hey guys so ive updated my fone to the 3.0 os this afternoon. i am trying to now set up mms. and from what i read the 2g cant support mms. is this true? now i have read the sticky that spooky set up and since i have the sk data plan this would be my settings.

    T-Mobile US - Postpaid/Flexpaid Sidekick
    APN: hiptop.t-mobile.com
    MMS: wap.voicestream.com
    GroupModeEnabled: FALSE
    MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
    MaxMessageSize: 1048576
    MaxVideoBitrate: 131072
    MaxRecipients: 10
    UAProf: http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf
    UserAgent: SonyEricssonW800i/R1L
    Version: 1.2

    which is true for the apn. becuz wit dat setting i get internet.

    MY PROBLEM is that when i do go to settings--general--network--cellular data network-- the only options i have is to just change the apn nothing else. nothing is there for the mms or all the other stuff spooky is talking bout. WHY ISNT IT THERE DO I NEED A CARRIER BUNDLE FOR MY PHONE AND IF I DO WHERE DO I GET IT?
    2009-07-10 08:11 AM
  2. ryan206's Avatar
    You have to enable MMS on 2G iPhones, as MMS isn't offically supported

    You can find it in Cydia, its called ActivateMMS2G. Install and reboot and you'll see the MMS Settings listed.
    2009-07-10 09:11 AM