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  1. Sandman58's Avatar
    here is my "problem"
    Iphone 3g jailbroken, unlocked, with 3.0 running.
    I installed voipover 3g, mobile substrate, and
    skype. I can not get skype to work on the tmobile
    edge network. I've done a lot of reading,
    and I understand that it should work, but all I get
    is not connected to the net, or sometimes it says
    no sim installed or no sim card.
    I installed all the required apps.
    Could this be a problem because I am on a yearly
    tmobile plan. as opposed to a monthly?
    If not does anyone have a solution or maybe a reason
    why I'm having this trouble.
    Another question I have, is that some of the installed
    apps I have seem not to be in the correct place, like
    mobile substrate is not in the system folder
    nither is voipover 3g.
    thanks for any assistance.
    BTW I'm and old guy but really hooked on this damn
    2009-07-17 11:07 PM
  2. xhenryrx's Avatar
    i have tmobile with skype and i use voipover 3g it work fine try reinstall skype
    2009-07-24 11:38 PM