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  1. k1653d's Avatar
    This happens about 50% of the time that I receive a call from another tmobile phone. I can not hear them and they can not hear me. After we hang up, no matter who I call I will not be able to hear anything. My phone is stuck in limbo. To kick my phone out of limbo I have to call it from another phone that is not tmobile.

    Any ideas what the issue is?

    I have a 3G, tired latest version of ultrasnow, tried set up as new phone. Still the same problem. Is this a network problem?
    2009-07-28 07:47 PM
  2. k1653d's Avatar
    This is driving me insane. I already restored over 10 times. Anyone have any ideas at all?

    restarting the springboard also kicks the phone out of 'limbo'.
    2009-07-30 03:01 AM