1. skillz305's Avatar
    I have the sidekick unlimited i could go on the internet but i cant sent the mms goes to 99% and fails
    2009-07-31 02:38 PM
  2. Chefanim's Avatar
    Check out the carrier bundle sticky
    So long, and thanks for all the fish
    2009-07-31 04:47 PM
  3. demonikangel69's Avatar
    Make sure you restart the phone after you install any Cydia bundles or do any manual changes. That tends to fix any issues 99.9% of the time.
    2009-08-02 08:13 AM
  4. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
    Also a network reset, but for me not using spookys bundle seems to fix all my problems (as weird as that may sound lol) I guess it depends on your situation, and you should just keep experimenting until you find the magic setting
    2009-08-02 05:38 PM
  5. itsmejdn's Avatar
    That did happen to me first 3 times. After that, its been flawless. Try resetting, try making sure settings are correct. And just keep trying til it works. After I did everything, it failed 3x at 99%. Than few hours later, it started to work. :-D
    2009-08-02 10:22 PM