1. sucram65's Avatar
    Will MyFaves work with the iPhone? Since the SK prepaid plan stopped working I signed up for a MyFaves Flexpay account. I added one Fave early this afternoon and the MyFaves page still has not updated. Anyone know? If not I'll have to switch plans.
    2009-08-21 07:15 AM
  2. Squad51's Avatar
    No problems here with my 3g iphone on myfaves.
    2009-08-21 07:18 AM
  3. sucram65's Avatar
    I have a nokia 6210 which is myfaves compatible. I found that I had to put the sim card in it to receive the update and then the website reflected the change. It also showed the minutes I'd used to call the myfaves number. I was credited with those calls even though I had not yet added the Fave when I made those calls. Cool!
    2009-08-21 10:06 PM