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  1. delica_s's Avatar
    I'm in Florida and I got the same message today. I have the 3G with the 9.99 Web2Go internet. I called tmobile today and the rep said that this plan is not supported by my phone and will never work again.

    Someone please find a solution and post it! Thanks

    P.S. I've been using since I added the 9.99 plan in July and it stopped working today.
    2009-08-26 01:02 AM
  2. ennoid417's Avatar
    Indiana, Webtogo 19.99 no edge as of yesterday. and this after I upgrade to flexpay voice and webtogo after the sidekick fiasco.2 weeks ago.
    2009-08-26 01:06 AM
  3. supasekziaznboi's Avatar
    it is bs that tmobile is doing this i am thinking about leaving my family plan and joining up with at&t too

    i think you are right that they planned this day and had everyone trained to say the same thing, i talked to 3 reps and each one almost word for word the same thing

    i wont be breaking my contract since there are 4 others on the plan, i just wont be the 5th one on it.

    might end up with a new number but o well
    2009-08-26 01:16 AM
  4. chaingang54's Avatar
    I'm on the web2go $19.95 and it is also down
    Queens, New York.
    2009-08-26 01:42 AM
  5. cougar694u's Avatar
    I just spent about 2 hours on the phone with the techs.

    Before I called, I put my SIM card in a samsung D600 so as not to show up as an iPhone, but while troubleshooting, he goes "you have an iPhone, right?" I told him no, that I used to, but using a smaller phone and web's not working. I went on to explain that on wap., it tells me the data is not supported on my phone, but if I use internet2., it tells me I need to upgrade to webconnect.

    They did some more troubleshooting and said my phone was the problem, so I swapped to my T-Wing and got the exact same results.

    He got my address and put me on hold for about 20 mins.

    When he came back on the phone he told me their network is having issues and their engineers are working through the issue.

    I'm not sure how true that is, but the guy's name was Adrian, spoke with a spanish accent, and was one person beyond the regular tech support people. Hope his statement holds water.

    PS, I'm in San Antonio, TX, using the 9.99 'phone first' internet. My brother's in Houston on a 3g 3.0 using the 5.99 t-zones and still up and running.
    2009-08-26 01:42 AM
  6. HelloHolga's Avatar
    I'm on the web2go $19.95 and it is also down
    Queens, New York.
    I have the same problem. Then I tried it on my t-mobile 5300 and it worked perfectly. Mhmmm
    2009-08-26 01:57 AM
  7. TinLemon's Avatar
    Chiming in. 9.99 plan doesn't work on my iphone or my wife's, but does work on my Nokia XpressMusic. I'm in the Detroit area.
    2009-08-26 02:02 AM
  8. gumby579's Avatar
    Well, I was using the internet2 but it just went out on me.
    2009-08-26 02:05 AM
  9. twilightlegacy's Avatar
    I posted this in another thread, but ill post it here too:

    I was on the phone with tech support for t-mobile and asked what they changed last night. as suspected, an upgrade to the t-mobile towers double checks the Imei number of the phone in question.

    in other words, since the iphone has a unique imei, t-mobile can detect when you connect your iphone and automatically route your internet to the webconnect site. i've just confirmed this with the tech support.

    the only way we can get around this, from what i can see, is to spoof your imei address. Unfortunately, that's illegal, so we're kind of out of options.

    I'm waiting to see t-mobile's response to the situation. right now there's a long, long wait time for to even talk to someone from tech support. after so much tech support calls, there's bound to be a response from t-mobile.
    2009-08-26 02:06 AM
  10. tallboy's Avatar
    i was considering making the 19.99 switch until i saw this. Knew something like this will happen. It's really unfortunate. Guess I'll be keeping my sidekick for a while until the situation gets better.
    2009-08-26 02:11 AM
  11. Brandon69's Avatar
    I have the same problem. been using $9.99 plan on the iphone for a month now, i dont think i will be able to go back to my non-internet days.

    called customer rep, she told me there was some "glitch" that was allowing me to use the data plan on iphone, but since that's fixed now, i cant use iphone anymore.

    then i was transfered over to tech, they told me that they upgraded their network/towers or something and that the plan only works on dumb phones now, i need to upgrade to $25 plan to continue service on iphone..

    F**KIN A!!!!

    i hope someone figures out a way around this soon
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    2009-08-26 02:13 AM
  12. RDL's Avatar
    There was 1 plus to switching back to my 19.99 SK plan from the 19.99 Web2Go.. My email works until I decide what to do. If TZones is in fact still working then I might try and get it added again since I had it once upon a time. I understand that it's near impossible that's going to happen but I'll try.

    But if the glitch was fixed why/how is tzones still up and running?
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    2009-08-26 02:19 AM
  13. supasekziaznboi's Avatar
    ok my attempt to work around it doesnt work and is ilegal lol
    changing my phone in to a phone that allows the 9.99 plan doesnt work for me

    :/ lame
    ill wait it out

    might goto at&t though
    2009-08-26 02:21 AM
  14. chessyang's Avatar
    got off the phone with the PDA dept at t-mobile and the dude was very nice but said my sim was not registering a data plan. said voice and text was showing up but data would not register. he said i should try a new sim. so i'm planing to pick a new one up tomorrow or in the future.

    seems whatever they did yesterday night broke this. to many reports from iphone users with t-mobile. dang it t-mobile!! wish the t-mobile_usa twitter could respond. but i think i have to bite the bullet and get the normal data plan. dang that suck at 24 dollars.

    also does anyone have the normal 24 dollar data plan and it working? if not then we should wait a few days for this is simmer down.
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    2009-08-26 02:41 AM
  15. coty360's Avatar
    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile. They told me they made a change yesterday in their Data Networks around 11:30. This Change disables internet for all smartphones with the 5.99 T-Zones plan. To fix this you either have to upgrade to 24.99 plan(Unlimited Web) or the 34.99 plan(Unlimited Web and Text). So, it seems to me like T-Mobile is really cracking down. I suggest going to AT&T and getting 3G for only 30.00/month.
    2009-08-26 02:45 AM
  16. RDL's Avatar
    MANY things are illegal but we all decide what we personally want to take risks with. Spoofing the IMEI seems to have existed on 2.2? I never needed to spoof mine so im not even sure how it works but personally that's a risk I'm willing to take. I mean explain to me why it's so dangerous to say I'm using a sidekick when I'm using an iPhone? Am I hurting anyone? Is anyone starving because of my decision? I might starve if I have to pay tmobile another penny!! Lol
    2009-08-26 02:46 AM
  17. beav626's Avatar
    I have the Unlimited loyalty plan $49 for unlimited minutes, web2go 9.99 and texts for 5.00 and some other stuff making my bill $69 + tax

    AT&T would be $99 for unlimited and 30 for awesome 3G speed and $15 for 1500 texts.

    Roughly twice the price I am paying now.

    This sucks but I may be inclined to take the $24 data plan. It cheaper in the end.
    2009-08-26 02:47 AM
  18. Brandon69's Avatar
    yes completely agree with that last point... too bad im in a 2yr contract, im stuck with Tmo for a while =[
    2009-08-26 02:50 AM
  19. beav626's Avatar
    I'm on hold with Tmob right now, while I have AT&T and verison sites up. T-Mob is the least expensive so far.
    One guy told me he has an iPhone too but recently got the my touch. He said he loves the my touch.

    Same Garbage from this guy (Like they are reading a script). He said he would get me to the customer loyalty folks and they might be able to do something.

    I will give this a day or two first.
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    2009-08-26 02:56 AM
  20. Brandon69's Avatar
    Just cancel the damn data plan

    soon they'll realize they're loosing $9.99 a month rather then making the extra $15 from upgrades
    2009-08-26 03:03 AM
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