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    I just got off the phone with T-mobile and now have my internet working again for only 4 dollars more a month and on top of that they gave me a mytouch for 100$

    Let me tell you how i did it......

    I called customer care and told them what was going on. That obviously we both know that I have an iphone and was able to use internet on it before the big change happened last night. I told them I was also was aware that "corporate" made this change because the people with non net work iphones / smart phones phones are getting full internet access for $10, not $24.99 a month because of the loop hole in the system.

    So, tell them (custom care) that you know customer care OR tech support cannot do anything because it is over their heads but you would like to be transferred to CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Be sure to tell customer care that you would like to cancel service because you are unhappy with the price increase and ATT is offering a free iphone and comparable plan pricing. Once you get transferred to CUSTOMER LOYALTY, BE PERSISTENT. Continue to tell them you are not willing to pay any more money a month when you could simply switch service to ATT. Act like you are able to pay the disconnect of service fee. Tell them money is not an issue. Like I said, be persistant. If you keep it up and convince them you are going to cancel they will work you a deal.

    Here is the deal I got, it may be different per person. Keep in mind... They have had months to train on this and plan on what to say and try and make you feel like there is nothing they can do to help. Here is my tmobile service plan..

    I have the family customer loyalty plan unlimited minutes for $89.99 a month (that is for 2 lines), family unlimited text for $19.99 a month, I have my $24.99 data package for a mytouch, and my wifes $9.99 web to go plan for her iphone. That brought my bill to some where around $160 a month.

    Here are the changes they made: They took off the $9.99 web to go for the iphone, dropped the unlimited family texting to $9.99. So there is $20 off the bill right there. Then so by the time they added the $24.99 internet plan on.. it ended up only increasing my bill by $4 a month. By the way this was for both lines, TOTAL.

    ... My wife encouraged me to continue and see how far we could get. We told them she wanted to try one of their phones.. So I asked if they could send us a mytouch for $100 (in installed payments on my monthly bill so I wouldnt have to pay anything out of pocket at all and still get a phone sent out). They agreed. I wish I would have said for FREE. But anyway a $500 phone for $100 sounds good and my bill only went up $4.. Just stay persistent. I stayed calm and firm and got what we wanted.
    So, now my wife could use either phones with her sim card. My wife has been using the edge network on her iphone as we speak.
    2009-08-26 05:59 AM
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    Definitely glad you found a solution and plan you are happy with but I wouldn't go as far as saying "PROBLEM SOLVED"..Maybe you should have said problem solved .. for u?

    I talked to customer loyalty earlier today and the girl put me back on the sidekick grandfathered in $19.99 plan in hopes it would work and I would stay because I was still paying the same $19.99 I would with web2go. Of course it didn't work but I said ok because atleast then I could check my email until I decide what to do. Email still works on the sidekick APN.

    I know we all have our own "problem solved" solutions and I would think for most it would only be "solved" if we do not have to come out of pocket a penny more than what we are currently paying.

    If customer loyalty wants to put me on a grandfathered $19.99 Blackberry plan (unlimited data/txt) that works on the iPhone then problem would be solved for me. But they did not seem willing to do that. I did not ask specifically for that but will next time I call. I am no longer on contract so paying termination fees isn't an issue. I will continue to call and see if I get a rep who truly wants to keep me on TMo.
    2009-08-26 06:18 AM
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    Well, also the customer loyalty rep told me plans will not grandfather because the new system setup, so in your case they would drop the 19.99 plan and add the 24.99 plan and your apn settings change to internet2.voicestream.com and you are off and working.
    2009-08-26 06:36 AM
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    they were willing to drop my family texting plan to 9.99 as well which would increase my bill by 20 but since I was previously paying 149.99 plus 29.99 plus 24.99 before the same loyalty plans you have bumbklaat
    so going up 20 bucks still keeps thing status quo since i only changed to the loyalty plans in June it's no big but I am starting a up a Brouhaha with my attorney general since TMO told me to add the 9.99 service specifically for my iphone and according to the rep today they already knew this was going to happen
    Thanks to all of you @ Modmyi for all of the help you've provided
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    2009-08-27 01:14 AM
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    I would hardly called this "WebConnect Problem Solved" but good for you!
    2009-08-27 01:53 AM
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    i feel u he didnt do nothing hell they didnt wanna loose nobody whos paying dam near $200 a month would u if u was t mobile
    2009-08-27 01:56 AM
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    I agree with both of ya but it's kinda like what the hell can we do right about now
    Thanks to all of you @ Modmyi for all of the help you've provided
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    2009-08-27 02:19 AM
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    so in your case they would drop the 19.99 plan and add the 24.99 plan and your apn settings change to internet2.voicestream.com and you are off and working.
    But thats without text and with unlimited text its 34.99 so its still $15 more. And again to think TMo is fighting with people already on plan for $15 when alot of us have been "loyal" customers for years its really not good business. They could atleast grandfather us in at $19.99 in an attempt keep us around for years longer! I know I didn't plan on leaving.

    I'm tired of talking to them but I am going to call one last time to get the dates I changed from one plan to another and then (laugh if u must) but I am writing a letter/email to corporate offices (a friend writes REALLY good formal letters unlike myself..lol) and explain my situation and how they can keep me and see what they offer. If they offer me nothing then who knows. I might stay anyway but its worth a shot and I feel one success will be good for us all. I'll post back if anything positive comes from it.
    2009-08-27 05:06 AM
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    T-Mobile, in my opinion, has the3 best cs as they are willing to do things like this, as well as offer support for people like us who are using an exclusive phone from att on their network. But then again, anything for more customers right? If only ATT understood this
    2009-08-27 08:48 AM