1. elinks's Avatar
    Does T-Mobile have any data plan offering with pay as you go cellular? I just inherited a 2g, JB and unlocked and want to try the Edge data to see if it is fast enough to be useful.

    I know the sidekick plan was available for iPhone but don't you have to have a minute plan to use sidekick?

    I have purchased 1000 min of cellular and now need data. Would 50MB/Mo be enough to check stocks, email and RSS? I don't message so no texting is neccesary.

    I would like to try skype or GV mobile though to see if it is useful to save minutes.

    2009-08-31 01:13 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    I don't think data services are available on pay as you go. If there was it'd be pricy. I have flexpay, which is prepaid too. It's not bad. You can get a minimum of 300 minutes (without myfaves) for 29.99 and myfaves for 9.99 more. There is web2go data plan for 9.99 (without texting) so it brings you to about $40+tax a month. It's not too shabby. Web2go 9.99 has a substantial amount of data available to you for the things you listed that you wanted to do with it.
    2009-08-31 06:14 AM