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    I just got my iphone 3gs and was putting the mms stuff in like i had on my 3g but when i did i sent myself a picture and the one i got was blurry.

    my mms used to work fine on my 3g. could it be bc the 3g is 2megapixel and it is setup as 2megapixel so its doing something? i dont know bc they arent as blurry as they first were on the 3g's but i can still tell.

    please someone help...or give me the settings if theyre different from the 3g's... thanks!
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    2009-09-01 05:56 AM
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    Umm I dunno. It never was un-blurry on my 3G, especially on T-Mobile. Many people say it's just T-Mobile and they auto adjust the resolution so it's just like that. Not sure how you got it to work right on the 3G, but let me know! Lol.

    Woops I take that back. Just saw a thread for 3G mms fix. I'm gonna go read it and try it haha. If you haven't seen it, take a look maybe it'll fix it for you too.

    Here you go:

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    2009-09-02 07:31 AM