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    I have a 3g (former BB User) and I cant keep this phone charged to save my life, and its not even like its glued to my hand or ear, HUH. I have googled it and everyone is saying turn off GPS and WIFi, tried it. I fully drained and recharged in off status, tried it. My husband did something that now shows globes in the corner so I know what's running. I noticed that after I use the iPod once after charging, it never turns off. Im thinking the low battery could be from the iPod running in the background ??? So now that I know that its running, BUT HOW DO I TURN IT OFF??!??


    are there any good theme sites that I can use, being a former BB User so Im new to iSites.

    Thanks in advance for the help and advise.

    2009-09-09 03:10 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    you can turn of 3G, push notifications and that should help with the battery. As far as themes, there are tons here in our download section as well as in Cydia of coarse.
    If the Ipod is running you should have an icon on the status bar telling you it's running. You can also install SBSettings in Cydia to see what processes are running on your phone.
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    2009-09-09 03:17 AM
    Yeah removing the process via SBSettings processes feature will be stupid easy.. thats one way. You can also hold down the sleep button until the power slider comes on then you hold the home button down to completely force quite the app.


    2009-09-09 05:35 AM