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    Ok heres where its at.

    I have an iphone 3g (i was with AT&T but it became to expensive) and i have a sidekick 3 i recently bought to switch to tmobile.

    I am currently on tmobile with the sidekick prepaid plan at $1.00 a day. The MMS, SMS, CALLING AND ONLY EMAIL CHECKING work on the iphone 3g. I am trying to get the internet to work tho. The edge settings so i can use the internet.

    I did however come across teh VPN for hotspot and that did work for about 1 day and then it would not connect at all. Not sure if its the server or my phone.

    I know some where out there that there is a way to get on either by VPN or WIFI anywhere.

    If anyone can help me with the settings i would really apreicate it.

    MY current APN is

    APN: hiptop.t-mobile.com
    USER: dummy
    PASS: dummy

    I need help i really need the internet working!!

    I also have an iphone 3gs 32gb black brand new unlocked and jailbroken selling for $700 or any good offer. Contact me if your interneteted!
    2009-09-18 01:55 PM
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    Old discussion here.
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    2009-09-18 03:02 PM
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    Try to use wap.voicestream.com or internet2.voicesteam.com or internet3.voicestream.com please let me know if this helps. If it does please use the thanks button.
    2009-09-18 03:51 PM