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    Hey guys, First time post so forgive me if I forget something, Anyway, I have tested this on 3 diff. Iphones and it worked on all 3 from FW 3.1.2 on down... Took some very good tips from, scariola now for the steps on how it works for me..

    1).RESTORE your 3G or earlier IPhone through I tunes with the (ATT and or Cingular)SIM inserted, they both work... you can also do SHIFT/RESTORE and grab the firmware that you have already downloaded.Takes about 15 to 20 min...Then,

    2)SET UP AS A NEW PHONE! in ITunes(screen on your IPhone will get a message on it, and it will say “ACTIVATING PHONE, THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE” YOU CAN DISMISS IT ON THE SCREEN of the IPhone. (It may pop up a few times, just keep dismissing it. After you set this up you can re-sync to get all your contacts if you have them saved on PC don't know about MAC)..

    3)Turn 3G off NOW and turn on DATA ROAMING. (still leave AT&T or Cingular sim in)Download and run BLACKRAIN for your jailbreak and unlock, This will install Cydia and ultrasnow just follow the BLACKRAIN directions at the site. Basicly you will download Blackrain to your computer then run it from there with your IPone hooked up, Once it finishes you will have an icon called blackrain on your IPhone. go to it on your phone and check Cydia and Ultrasn0w then click install...Then,

    4)Once you have installed Cydia and Ultrasn0w,Remove ATT or Cingular SIM and Insert T-Mobile SIM you should and will get a message on the phone that says "YOUR IPHONE IS ACTIVATED" from there do your damage, Your done...HELLO PUSH I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH, XOXOXO...LOL...you get the picture.

    *Phone will get every push from every push sender you have on your phone from there on out, Well FACEBOOK is still a little shifty but everything from my sports to Twit's is working and I'm going on 2 weeks now...Hope this helps some of you if not all of you, And big prop's to scariola for your guide that got me started....
    2010-01-12 09:06 AM
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    did as you said but when i restore with att sim inside itunes asks for zip code and social security number....
    sim is att i got from a friend.tried afew times but no activation just keeps asking for zip and ssn. itunes shows my friends old phone number.
    All information contained in my post came to me in a dream. I don't even own an iphone.
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    2010-01-13 02:36 AM
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    That SIM MUST be still active or he purchased a new one and gave you his old one, It takes AT&T up to a full month before they take a SIM register # out of there servers, But once they do you can use that sim, But also if you use his SS# and zip, It will re-register that sim....Sorry bro, you gunna have to wait a bit unless you can find another one. and don't forget you can use an old CINGULAR also, all it does in ITunes is say you have a carrier update, click update and poof! your on your way...
    2010-01-13 07:35 AM
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    Thanks for the reply, and yes he just got new sim and phone, but a have another AT&T sim over a year unactive still didn't work. I'm going to try locking my baseband before I restore and see wat happens.

    P.s. Did you use the same sim to activate all three phones?
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    2010-01-13 08:24 PM
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    i read a few threads, then did it the at&t sim card way and it worked just fine, check out my thread explaining how i did it! http://modmyi.com/forums/t-mobile/69...ml#post5092666
    2010-01-18 11:06 AM
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    finally got it working.after a restore and rain, i used youtube fix3 from pushfix.info in cydia and all works perfectly push notification heaven. (free youtube fix3)
    All information contained in my post came to me in a dream. I don't even own an iphone.
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    2010-01-31 12:05 AM
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