1. Anijake's Avatar

    I have a 2G with 3.1, I know the MMS hack is not working on 3.1 so it is not installed. When my friend sent a MMS from his 3G I get nothing. I have MMS on my T-Mobile plan so why can I not receive MMS's?

    T-Mobile does not supply a link that I can view it online like other carriers so at least I get something?
    2009-09-25 10:14 PM
  2. iRockish's Avatar
    Maybe your friend doesn't have 3.1?
    2009-09-25 11:16 PM
  3. Anijake's Avatar
    No, he is on AT&T and got the official update and has MMS. He sent me a test message and I got noting. Shouldn't the 2G be able to receive the MMS one way or the other? (I have MMS on my plan, it included)
    2009-09-25 11:21 PM