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    Hi - First time poster.
    My gf's AT&T contract is finally up (!!!) and we want to add her 2G iPhone to T-mobile family plan. I am currently with T-mobile under an individual plan; we plan to switch to the Unlimited Family plan for 2 lines. We are really needing to save money so not going to add data - just regular old phone service and text messaging.

    1) What kind of functionality will gf's 2G have on T-Mobile without data plan? Does visual voicemail definitely not work?

    2) How do I get a second working SIM card for her iPhone without having to buy new T-Mobile phone? Does T-mobile sell SIM cards? We can switch to Family Plan without signing a new contract so will not be getting a subsidized phone.

    3) What version OS should we update iPhone to before unlock/JB to ensure optimum performance on T-Mobile? (I think she is running 2.2.1 but I need to confirm)

    So I see the only visual voicemail option is YouMail. Does this work without a data/internet connection or can you only access it through the web? Do you have to run YouMail app every time you start iphone or can it be set to be the defaul vmail client.

    Also, my gf's firmware is 2.1 for my original questions on T-mobile.
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    2009-09-29 01:43 AM
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    1. VVM will not work, and YouMail sucks.
    2. just pick a phone that comes free with the plan.
    3. stick with 3.0.1
    2009-09-29 04:43 AM
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    Thanks RxRacer. I can definitely upgrade to 3.0.1. I doubt I will be offered a free phone since T-mobile is letting me change plans without signing a contract (I am already month-to-month). Sounds like I'll have to pay full price then for a T-mobile phone?
    2009-09-29 12:54 PM
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    They can sell you the sim card alone. The thing is they WANT you to buy a phone too. But if you just tell them you have a t-mobile phone at home, you would just like the sim card now. I'm sure they can just sell you the sim card activated, for like 20 bucks or whatever they charge.
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    2009-09-29 02:14 PM
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    I was charged $30 for a replacement, when I lost my phone.
    2009-09-29 04:13 PM
    Sim cards shouldn't be more than $5


    2009-09-30 02:00 PM