1. guffey09's Avatar
    i just got a iphone 3g and the person said it was jailbroken and unlocked but when i put my sim in it it dosent work right so what should i do
    2009-10-05 12:57 AM
  2. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
    what doesn't work?

    More details obviously
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!
    2009-10-05 01:21 AM
  3. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Check in Cydia and see if ultrasn0w has been installed.
    2009-10-05 01:24 AM
  4. guffey09's Avatar
    i went into cydia and looked in the manage section and i didnt see anything that said ultrasnow
    2009-10-05 01:35 AM
  5. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    then you will need to add it. repo666.ultrasn0w.com/ and see if that works for you.
    2009-10-05 01:39 AM
  6. guffey09's Avatar
    i got it unlocked now i found some wifi around my house somewhere that i didnt know was there and went into cydia and got ultrasn0w and its good now
    2009-10-05 03:02 AM