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    ive been jb/unlocking my phone every which way on 3.1.2, ive tried doing the pushfix thing to get YOUTUBE and my GPS to work but the repo doesent have pushfix anymore now that you have to pay for it, and my best luck with this was,

    1: using blacksn0w to jb
    2: installing ROCK instead of CYDIA, then SNOW (to unlock)
    3: once the phone rebooted i tried youtube, it wouldnt connect. tried to find myself in maps, GPS wouldnt work. i was upset.
    4: reset network settings under GENERAL>RESET
    5: open rock and install the repo "" and from here download the "youtube fix1" (if 1 doesent work, uninstall and try 2 or 3)
    6: REBOOT.

    and i kid you not, my GPS and YOUTUBE run fine. the only problem is i havent messed with push yet, and i plan on working on that after this post and coming back to report on that.

    i hope this can help someone with theyre progress, i can live without push but i cant live without my maps GPS.
    2010-01-12 08:44 AM
  2. Arn.'s Avatar
    Thank you so much!
    I searched for a solution for so long until I found your solution.
    Since I didn't installed ROCK, I tried to look for the resource you gave in CYDIA. I found it there too. There are 3 packages named Youtube Fix #1, #2 and #3. I installed the first and now Youtube and GPS is working.
    2010-01-12 11:48 AM
  3. scottspaz's Avatar
    you are welcome, im glad i actually helped someone!

    So, I figgured out after a restore you have to put an AT&T sim in when you connect to iTunes if you want push to work, and on top of that, you need pushfix 2.0.

    Also I strongly reccomend spookys t-mobile carrier bundles. I have working tethering and MMS. Search cydia/rock for spookys bundles, install the corresponding package due to your plan, reboot, reset network settings and bam! Working picture mail/tethering. Hit him up he has his own threads and is very knowelagable on jb/unlock iPhones.
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    2010-01-14 05:00 AM

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