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  1. iporter's Avatar
    I can try Web2Go and see if that works. I'll keep you posted.
    2010-04-28 05:07 PM
  2. Plan B's Avatar
    Having the same issues ... iPhone 3g and have the web2go with tmobile ... has been working flawlessly for a couple of months ... earlier this week, the network was gone. I can still make calls and what not, but the 'edge' network disappeared. I've reset the network settings, use "wap.voicestream.come", "", and "". Data Roaming is on, 3G is off ... I got online and looked for Legacy in Cydia and couldn't find. I'm stumped ... I put my SIM in my wife's Blackberry and the internet works fine. No lock when it's in my unlocked iPhone.

    Anybody got some suggestions I'd GREATLY appreciate it.
    Im having the same problem, Iphone 3G No edge. I have the smartphone plan, the other night my phone was saying no service for a couple hours. I reset it and service came back but my "E" dissappeared I cant figure out whats wrong. I called T mobile and they say there is some work being done, however all my friends with unlocked Iphone's here in atlanta have Edge with no problem. WTF
    2010-04-29 08:55 AM
  3. iporter's Avatar
    I feel your pain Plan B ... I'm down in Columbus (south of atlanta) ... this sucks.

    YO ADP! Check out my recent thread ... I added screen shots of my phone ... maybe you can spot something that is wrong:
    2010-04-29 12:39 PM
  4. harrison0550's Avatar
    Curious to see if anyone else had edge restored this afternoon. I was driving down 75 on the way home tonight and my iphone started flooding in all my e-mails and facebook notifications. I looked down and sure enough the "E" was back up top and internet is working fine now. No clue, I didnt change anything, like I said I was driving lol settings have remand the same and all is well for now anyway. How bout yours?
    2010-04-30 02:22 AM
  5. Wakil17's Avatar
    Yep my service is back too!
    2010-04-30 02:22 PM
  6. grant2b's Avatar

    I jailbroke a friends iphone he gave me so i could use it on my sim, and everything is fine except i can only ever pick up Edge network, wherever i go.
    I live in central London and this should not be an issue.

    I am running firmware 3.1.2, on 05.11.07 and my carrier is 02.

    I jailbroke my iphone with Jailbreakme, and unlocked it with Ultrasn0w.

    any ideas why this might occur? I have grazed google but cannot really find anything similar.

    Please help!
    2010-09-01 05:48 PM
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