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    I got a buddy that just got a iPhone on prepaid t-mobile we were wondering is it still possible to get internet on prepaid if so how, i did some searching on the forum and the way it sounds only sidekick can if im correct. Anyone else with info please let me know.


    Anyone...... Bueller? I did some more searching and didnt find much. I dont know much about the prepay side only the contract side
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    2010-04-17 01:50 AM
  2. BoisePunk22's Avatar
    Currently that is the only option for T-Mobile on prepaid for any data service, it has download options for games, ringtones, etc. but not actual internet, so your best choice if you wanted to do anything prepaid would be the Sidekick data.
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    2010-04-20 01:27 AM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    The only "prepaid" option to get data is Even More Plus. It is prepaid service that acts like having a plan but does not require a contract. If you want web, get that.

    Aside from the sidekick thing I mean, but if you want minutes without paying per minute then Even More Plus is the way to go.
    2010-04-21 04:52 AM
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    Anniex, Even More Plus doesn't quite work like pre-paid, as you get a monthly bill for usage after the fact (even though there is no contract). With pre-paid, you purchase minutes and use them until they run out. So you can go for months without using your phone and you will not get charged, as opposed to Even More Plus (postpaid) which bills you on a monthly basis regardless off whether you used your phone or not.
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    2010-04-21 03:59 PM
  5. i.Annie's Avatar
    I understand that. However, I was simply saying if somebody wants an option of having data without getting a contract, that is the only way to go (except for Sidekick plan which does not include minutes at all).

    Prepaid does not have any data options at all, that was my point.
    2010-04-21 04:22 PM
  6. adp's Avatar
    Well only flexpay which requires a 29.99 voice plan...
    2010-04-21 06:22 PM
  7. i.Annie's Avatar
    It was under the assumption that a voice plan was needed. If voice is not vital then Sidekick plan is the better option. That's all really...
    2010-04-21 06:26 PM
  8. adp's Avatar
    I thought they blocked sidekick for the iPhone (with a proxy activation rumor)
    2010-04-21 07:41 PM
  9. i.Annie's Avatar
    I thought so too. Some people say it's fine tho. Not sure what is really true...
    2010-04-21 07:45 PM