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    im want ing to restore my iphone, it is a 2g, has 3.1.3 firmware, also has bootneuter, 04.05.04 modem firmware, ok should i download the 3.1.2 firware? and how or where do i get boot neuter to unlock it? do i use blackrain to jailbreak and unlock it? thanks for your input chip

    oh yea i forgot i was wanting to get mms so that was why i thought about finding 3.1.2 firmware?
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    2010-06-11 05:30 AM
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    2010-06-11 06:19 AM
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    is 3.1.2 best firm ware to use or wait for new jailbreak?
    2010-06-12 03:43 PM
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    For MMS, 3.1.2 is the easiest to apply that for 2G phones.

    For 2G phones on 3.1.2, you may use Blackra1n to jailbreak and BootNeuter to unlock (found in Cydia). Follow the link that adp provided for the restoring process. You may find the 3.1.2 ipsw in the downloads section here on MMi.

    Make sure you download the correct version for your phone (don't download a 3G/3GS version, it will give you an error).
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