1. Rinnycoop121's Avatar
    i have unlocked and jailbroken my 3gs and i was told to deactivate my 3g service prior to unlock, not when i activate my 3g service my phone go to NO SERVICE.

    is there a way to get 3g network on 3gs MC model?

    let me know
    2010-06-25 07:24 PM
  2. hollafam's Avatar
    no t-mobile 3g service is on 1700 band and att is like 1900. so it will never work. well cant say never but you know what i mean lol
    2010-06-25 07:45 PM
  3. Rinnycoop121's Avatar
    that freaking sucks! is it the baseband or something else?
    2010-06-25 07:47 PM
  4. adp's Avatar
    3G will not work on T-mobile with an iPhone. No matter what model you have. It's hardware related and cannot be fixed. This has been discussed multiple times
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    2010-06-25 07:49 PM
  5. vnguyen972's Avatar
    not until Apple make a new set of iPhone for TMobile specifically which would probably be never.. lol
    2010-06-25 08:03 PM