1. JoeyT1987's Avatar
    Im on a 3gs, and I just want to have my tmobile plan with internet, maybe texting, because all i really do is check email, and some websites. How can i do this?
    2010-07-02 04:45 PM
  2. adp's Avatar
    You can do 2 things:

    A) Get the internet-only plan @ $40/month. You can use one of the 3rd-party "text" apps, which let you send out texts but receiving them kinda sucks (people will have to reply to an e-mail address or some weird number, and you will not get an instant notification like a regular text). You cannot add a regular text service to this as it is not a voice plan.

    B) Purchase the minimum voice plan for $29, add the $10 text and add the $10 unlimited data at a total of $50/month. You'll get voice in comparison to the above plan, plus true texting.
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    2010-07-02 05:34 PM