1. ThugZilla's Avatar
    I have an unlocked iPhone 3G that I've used for two years. I had a G1 before that, but gave it to my mom, and switched my G1 data plan to Tzones for the iPhone.

    Now two years have passed, and my iPhone 3G has become ancient. I'm looking to get the Samsung Vibrant to replace my 3G, and give my iPhone to my mom. Here's the thing, she just got a MT3GS, on free phone day, along with the $20 Android Loyalty unlimited data plan. If I plan to give my mom the iPhone, and get myself a Vibrant, would Tmobile allow me to transfer my Tzones plan over to her line, and her data plan over to my line on the family plan?
    2010-07-06 03:15 PM
  2. obnpolo's Avatar
    Probably not, T-Zones is a grandfathered service. You'll have to get their 9.99 data plan at the least.
    2010-07-07 07:56 AM