1. sammybaddy's Avatar
    I have an unlocked 3gs on t-mobile. Is there a way that when I choose "automatic" in the carrier settings, I can some how set what the default carrier should be? It currently wants to connect to t-mobile and will only connect to other carriers if t-mobile isnt available.

    I see 3 GSM carriers in the list...lets say t-mobile, gsm1, and gsm2. I can manually choose gsm1, but if I move to an area where gsm1 isnt available, i just lose signal and the phone wont try to connect to tmobile or gsm2.

    I want to set gsm1 as the default...and when its not available the phone will automatically connect to tmobile, gsm2, or whatever gsm carrier is available...but when I'm in range of gsm1 it'll reconnect to that.
    2010-07-21 06:36 AM
  2. adp's Avatar
    It should be in automatic...
    2010-07-21 07:16 AM